Picnic perfect recipes

Picnic perfect recipes

Picnic perfect recipes Author: Style At Home


Picnic perfect recipes

1 Recipe: Apple fennel celery salad
Serve this light and healthy salad as a memorable start to your next family gathering.

2 Recipe: Orange, roasted beet and arugula salad
A fresh and delicious salad with just the right amount of zest.

3 Recipe: Mango melon salad
Refreshing and light, this salad is the perfect way to showcase (and savour!) summer produce.

4 Recipe: Eva Longoria's corn and zucchini salad
Eva Longoria's recipe for a hearty corn and zucchini salad is both tasty and healthy.

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5 Recipe: Baby spinach salad with roasted strawberries
This fresh and delicious summer salad will be a hit at any barbecue or backyard bash.

6 Recipe: Mandarin grilled chicken salad
This healthy chicken salad gets a lift with mandarin orange, avocado and almonds.

7 Recipe: Fava bean salad
Light and nutritious, this fava bean salad includes asparagus, mint and cheese for a flavourful start.

8 Recipe: Zucchini ribbon salad
This zucchini summer salad is a healthy and colourful dish that's perfect for summer! picnic-perfect-meta-3.jpg
9 Recipe: Cold soba noodle salad
Add an Asian twist to your menu with this refreshing noodle salad.

10 Recipe: Linguine with zucchini, spinach, lemon and pine nuts
A quick and simple way to make healthy, scrumptious pasta.

11 Recipe: Baby-sized cheddar corn muffins
These tangy cheddar corn muffins are bite-sized delights.

12 Recipe: Couscous with roasted spiced chickpeas and pine nuts
Indulge in the savoury flavours and crunch of the chickpeas and pine nuts in this couscous dish. picnic-perfect-meta-4.jpg
13 Recipe: Ricotta & spinach pasta
Try this super easy and delicious pasta recipe by Style at Home food editor Donna Hay.

14 Recipe: Croissant sandwich
Add a little breakfast flair to your lunch by combining smoked salmon with a croissant.

15 Recipe: Stuffed zucchini boats
Packed with the goodness of almonds, these stuffed zucchini boats will certainly satisfy your hunger.

16 Recipe: Herbal guacamole and spicy jicama in romaine leaves
This light salad is not only quick to make, but adaptable to many meals. picnic-perfect-desserts-1.jpg
17 Recipe: Chocolate peanut butter cups
Satisfy that sweet and salty craving with these homemade chocolate peanut butter cups.

18 Recipe: Toffee squares
Satisfy your sweet tooth with these yummy toffee squares that are perfect for a party or as an afternoon treat.

19 Recipe: Coconut macaroons
These coconut macaroons have an added ingredient to make them perfectly sweet.

20 Recipe: Chocolate truffle brownies
These rich chocolate brownies are sprinkled with cocoa powder to resemble truffles.


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Picnic perfect recipes