Scrumptious pumpkin recipes

Scrumptious pumpkin recipes

Scrumptious pumpkin recipes Author: Style At Home


Scrumptious pumpkin recipes

Cook up a delicious and fabulous fall recipe using fall's most popular vegetable, the pumpkin.

best-pumpkin-recipes-pumpkin-che.jpg Pumpkin Cheerios bars
A delightful combination of creamy pumpkin and crunchy Cheerios cereal come together in one sweet and cheerful bar.

best-pumpkin-recipe-pumpkin-blon.jpgPumpkin chocolate chip blondies

Satisfy your love of everything pumpkin with these delectable pumpkin chocolate chip blondies.

best-pumpkin-recipes-pumpkin-sco.jpgPumpkin orange scones
With the perfect mixture of pumpkin and spices, this scone is a delectable fall treat.

best-pumpkin-recipes-pumpkin-gal.jpgSavoury pumpkin galette
Enhance your fall menu with this tasty pumpkin pastry.

best-pumpkin-recipe-pumpkin-soup.jpgPumpkin soup
A nutritious, and culinary versatile, pumpkins bring a new fall flavour to old standbys like soup.

pumpkin-meta-jam.jpgPumpkin jam
Especially good on zucchini or pumpkin bread. Try stirring a couple tablespoons of it into oatmeal with raisins, or use as a filling for little tarts.

pumpkin-meta-pie.jpgPumpkin pie
Spiced with rum, this pumpkin pie is a delicious fall classic that will have your guests begging for more.

pumpkin-meta-greatcookies.jpgGreat pumpkin cookies
Embellished with orange glaze, cinnamon stick stems, and green sugar vines, these pumpkins appear to be freshly plucked from the patch.

pumpkin-meta-crancookies.jpgPumpkin cranberry cookies
Not a pie person? Try these delectable Thanksgiving-themed cookies!

pumpkin-meta-pudding.jpgBaby pumpkin puddings with cinnamon whipped cream and pecan brittle
These delicate baby puddings are scented with a touch of rum and orange zest.

pumpkin-meta-cheesecookies.jpgNo-bake pumpkin cheesecake cookies
Make these tasty - and elegantly spooky! - Halloween treats at home.

pumpkin-meta-couscous.jpgRecipe: Couscous salad with vanilla pumpkin seed vinaigrette
This hearty salad is sure to please with its mixture of sweet and tangy flavours.

pumpkin-meta-beanpesto.jpgRed beans and rice with chipotle pumpkin seed pesto
Feel satisfied with this protein-rich, vegetarian rice dish topped with chipotle pesto sauce.

pumpkin-meta-stringbean.jpgPumpkin and string bean salad

Combining pumpkin and string beans makes for a hearty salad with a refreshingly light dressing.

meta-pumpkin-creamcheese-cookies.jpgPumpkin and cream cheese sandwish cookies
The all-time favourite cookie, gets a delicious twist with cream cheese and pumpkins.

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Scrumptious pumpkin recipes