Sweet and savoury apple recipes

Sweet and savoury apple recipes

Sweet and savoury apple recipes Author: Style At Home


Sweet and savoury apple recipes

These sweet and savoury fall recipes will become the apple of your eye this season.


best-apple-recipes-recipe-valenc.jpg Valençay napoleons with clover honey, walnuts and apple
Make a meal out of valençay cheese with this simple appetizing recipe.

best-apple-recipes-apple-delight.jpg 7 appetizing apple recipes
Indulge in one of these sweet and spicy apple delights!

best-apple-recipes-recipe-apple-.jpg Apple, rhubarb, and strawberry nutty crumble
A crispy, nutty dessert bursting with berry flavours.

metapage-apple-classicapplepie.jpg Classic apple pie
Make your Thanksgiving feast a winner with this classic apple pie.

metapage-apple-strawberrycrumble.jpg Strawberry and apple crumble
Enjoy a summery twist on apple crumble by adding juicy strawberries.

metapage-apple-applecrisp.jpg Apple crisp
This is the perfect dessert to bring to a potluck -- easy to make and package!

metapage-apple-bakedapplescider.jpg Baked apples with cider butter sauce
A deliciously sticky and sweet fruit dessert.

metapage-apple-blackberryapcrumb.jpg Blackberry and apple crumble
This heartwarming crumble is the perfect treat for an autumn afternoon.

metapage-apple-sleighcider.jpg Sleigh rider cider
Whip up this tasty hot beverage after an afternoon of frosty outdoor activities.

metapage-apple-homemadesauce.jpg Homemade applesauce
Use a medley of fall's flavourful apples to create this homespun applesauce.


metapage-apple-turkeybriesandwhi.jpgRecipe: Turkey, brie and apple on raisin walnut bread
Turn Thanksgiving leftovers into savoury sandwiches with turkey, brie and apple.

metapage-apple-fennelcelerysalad.jpg Apple fennel celery salad
Serve this light and healthy salad as a memorable start to your next family gathering.

metapage-apple-choppedsalad.jpgChopped apple salad with toasted walnuts, blue cheese, pomegranate vinaigrette
A sophisticated take on a popular classic salad recipe.

metapage-apple-swordfishburg.jpg Swordfish burgers with apple tartar sauce
Opt for seafood this summer with a yummy swordfish burger topped with tangy apple tartar sauce.

metapage-apple-butternutsoup.jpgRecipe: Butternut squash and apple soup with cider cream
Inspired by these two seasonal treasures, I combined Granny Smith apples with butternut squash to create the recipe that follows.

metapage-apple-smokedtrout.jpgSmoked trout sandwich with green apple and gouda

Sandwiches don't need to be complicated to be delicious. A few quality ingredients make this smoked trout sandwich simply delectable.

metapages-apple-butternutsquash.jpgButternut squash soup with curried pecans, apple and goat cheese
A big bowl of this bright orange soup with a salad and crusty bread makes a simple midweek meal.

metapage-apple-grilledapples.jpgGrilled apples with sweet sausage stuffing
Stuffed with sweet sausage, onions and toasted walnuts, these grilled apples are a gourmet treat.

Lead photography by Edward Pond.


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Sweet and savoury apple recipes