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Wine & spirits: Chianti

Wine & spirits: Chianti

Discover this unforgettable Tuscan wine. Author: Ryan Brook

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Wine & spirits: Chianti

Angela Aiello, wine expert and founder of the iYellow Wine Club, discovers an unforgettable Tuscan wine.

The area of Chianti (pronounced ki-anti) is located in the heart of the central Italian region of Tuscany. As a wine grape-growing area, Chianti is considered one of the best, with its rolling hills and combination of almost-perfect weather and soil. And the wine, once distinguished by its straw-wrapped bottle, is one to be adored for its lovable taste, old-world charm and great value.


The Grape
Inside every bottle is sangiovese, which is indigenous to Tuscany and the most widely planted red grape variety in Italy. Bottles of Chianti must contain a minimum of 70 percent sangiovese grapes. Subtle and smooth, the wine is medium-bodied and low in tannins, and pairs especially well with traditional Italian dishes.

1 Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico, $23
Bottles of Chianti Classico will sport a black rooster on their labels and come from a smaller area with limited production within Chianti. This wine offers more body and structure than other Chiantis. It’s aged in oak for several months, while Chianti Riserva wines must be aged for at least two years. Both can be stored in a cellar.

2 Ruffino Chianti, $13

3 Ruffino Serelle Vin Santo Del Chianti, $25
Vin Santo is an amber coloured dessert wine produced all over Italy, but it’s most famously from Chianti. It’s traditionally made with Trebbiano and Malvasia white grapes, although sangiovese may be used to produce a rosé style known as Occhio di Pernice. Vin Santo comes in unique flavours, such as raisin and honey.

4 Gabbiano Chianti Classico, $17

Pairing Suggestions
Chianti is the perfect accompaniment to a casual pasta or pizza dinner and meat dishes like pork. It’s also a great wine to sip solo, and many people who don’t appreciate fullerbodied reds enjoy Chianti.


Serving Suggestion
Serve cooler than room temperature (between 12 and 15°C) in a Nonna-approved tumbler.

1 Pokal tumbler, IKEA, $5 per set of 6.
2 Riedel O stemless Riesling/Sauvignon Blanc tumbler, Hudson’s Bay, $30 per pair.
3 Sparkle-trimmed tumbler, Anthropologie, $8 USD.


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Wine & spirits: Chianti