DIY Projects

7 stylish DIY bloggers

7 stylish DIY bloggers

7 stylish DIY bloggers Author: Style At Home

DIY Projects

7 stylish DIY bloggers

When it comes to design and decorating, nothing saves money like doing-it-yourself. You can spend hours scouring the web for DIY bloggers, but we've done the hard work for you -- here are 7 of our favourite DIY blogs that you'll want to bookmark and return to again and again.

1 Made by Girl
{blogger: Jen Ramos}
Photography by Yvonne Wong

Jen Ramos is a woman who does it all -- she's a graphic designer, blogger, online retailer and natural stylista. Her blog, Made by Girl, is a DIY girly-girl's dream, with a focus on interior design, food, fashion and her own fabulous typographic artwork.

Recently married, Jen made sure her wedding had tons of DIY elements -- a great way to personalize the event and save some cash. Her mother-in-law made the stunning mini cakes while Jen created the menus from a template she found online. The apple place cards were easily made by cutting a leaf shape out of paper, writing the guest's name, and pinning it to the top of the apple. While all the flowers were purchased, Jen's husband arranged the wheatgrass and roses in the vases himself.

For more inspiring DIY ideas and to buy prints, visit


diy-blog-rambling-renovators.jpg 2 Rambling Renovators {bloggers: Jennifer & Sean}

The Rambling Renovators (aka Sean and Jennifer) married in 2007 and found their dream home -- well, underneath all of that pink carpet and floral wallpaper, not to mention all the obvious renovations. With power tools and a bit of design knowledge (Sean's an intern architect and Jennifer's an HGTV addict), the couple set out to renovate their home, room-by-room.

Luckily, the decorating duo from Toronto decided to start their Rambling Renovators blog, where they document the trials and tribulations of their makeovers. They've done everything themselves from demolition to wainscotting to laying tile, and have now completed 3/4 of the house. Their galley kitchen, shown above, was outdated and needed some love, but  Jennifer and Sean actually preferred the long layout. To keep it from looking cramped, they installed built-ins and kept the larger appliances farther away from the main entrance. Brilliant!

To see more of Jennifer and Sean's renovations, visit



3 Aubrey + Lindsay blog
{bloggers: self-explanatory}

Like many people in Toronto, married couple Aubrey and Lindsay found their perfect home in the beautiful Upper Beaches area of the city. But like most homes, it needed a lot of work before they could make it their own.

So Aubrey and Lindsay set to work to make their new home a perfect haven, doing 90% of the work themselves. Their beautiful blog documents every step of the way, from the inspiration shots to the final product. Our favourite DIY project is of an IKEA side table (shown above) that the couple transformed into a luxe-looking bedside table. Why is it our fave? Because it was inspired by a project that Lindsay saw in an issue of Style at Home!

To follow Aubrey and Lindsay's makeovers, visit



4 All Things Thrifty
{blogger: Brooke Ulrich}

As she lets you know by the title of her blog, Brooke Ulrich loves all things thrifty. Spending her time as an adjunct professor and a mother of three, decorating can be time-consuming and expensive. For Brooke, though, taking the time to decorate is a passion and spending a ton of money to do so is unnecessary. Whether she's repainting furniture to give it new life or reupholstering a seatee by herself, Brooke shows how you can DIY on a budget (she even shares the cost of her projects).

One project that stands out is a beautiful fabric panelled headboard (shown above). Brooke and her husband built it together for only $80, and came out with a showstopper piece that looks like a million bucks.

To be amazed at how you can decorate on a dime, visit


diy-blog-320-sycamore.jpg 5 320 Sycamore {blogger: Melissa}

You may think the name of this blog comes from the address where blogger Melissa lives, but fans of the movie It's A Wonderful Life know better. 320 Sycamore is the address that George and Mary buy and renovate to create their dream home (George saw it as a wreck, but Mary saw its potential and charm).

Similar to George and Mary's story, blogger Melissa sees past the imperfections and recognizes potential, whether its old furniture that needs a boost or items that can be reused for a different purpose. Above is a picture of the makeover Melissa did on an old coffee table, turning it into a stylish bench for her home's entryway.

To see more amazing DIY projects from Melissa and her fellow blogger friends, visit


diy-blog-three-men-lady.jpg 6 Three Men and a Lady {blogger: Michelle Hinckley}

Who knew barbecue skewers could be used to create a stunning focal point in the bedroom? Three Men and a Lady blogger Michelle Hinckley did when she created this glam sunburst mirror out of the summer entertaining essential and a mirror that was the wrong colour. Enter Michelle, a glue gun, some spray paint and: voila! The finished product is nothing short of fabulous.

With an abundance of DIY projects to ogle and imitate, Michelle's blog is definitely a fan favourite (the proof is in the hundreds of followers that flock to her site daily). Mixed in with beautiful design ideas are stories of Michelle's home life with her husband and two sons -- funny, sweet and totally relatable. It's no wonder she's so popular!

To keep up with Michelle's latest DIY do-overs, visit


diy-blog-centsational.jpg 7 Centsational Girl {blogger: Kate Riley Eshoo}

"I'm a simple gal with a simple dream: transforming the drab into the fab with an arsenal of paintbrushes, primer and power tools." -Kate Riley Eshoo

When it comes to decorating on a budget, no one does it with more flair than Californian blogger Kate Riley Eshoo of Centsational Girl. Her blog is a jackpot of DIY goodies, before and afters, and revamped thrift store buys (like the $13 chest of drawers above that she prettied up with some paint and new hardware).

The part-time lawyer and full-time mom has made quite a name for herself in the DIY blog world thanks to the detailed images used to accompany each step of her projects, including how she reupholstered a bench on her own. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Kate has thousands of loyal followers that spread the word about her DIY prowess on their own blogs (she pops up everywhere!).

To check out Kate's fab DIY how-to's and become one a loyal follower, visit her blog at



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DIY Projects

7 stylish DIY bloggers