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Beautiful movie interiors

Beautiful movie interiors

Beautiful movie interiors Author: Style At Home

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Beautiful movie interiors

Love Actually (2003) finds Liam Neeson and his son living in a London townhouse that features a smart, modern-yet-comfortable stainless-steel kitchen. And the coral toile sofa in the sitting room at 10 Downing Street is simply gorgeous - as is Hugh Grant sitting on it!
- Gail Johnston Habs, Editor in Chief

You can practically smell the pipe smoke and cognac in Henry Higgins's handsome Victorian library in My Fair Lady (1964).
- Susan Rogers, Art Director

The sets of Down with Love (2003) are so hip they hurt: Ewan McGregor's bachelor pad features motorized furniture that changes from one thing to another at the flick of a button, and Renée Zellweger's chic apartment beautifully sets off her wardrobe!
- Laurie Grassi, Executive Editor

The grand old estate in The Philadelphia Story (1940) is very old money; I especially love the sweeping staircase and pool house. The furnishings in Gosford Park (2001) are great, but best of all are the fabulous dinnerware, silverware and service pieces in the dining scenes.
- Margot Austin, Senior Design Editor

The standout in Amélie (2001) is Amélie's bedroom: a meant-for-snuggling wrought-iron bed topped with an orange satin duvet and cushy green pillows, set against a backdrop of decadent crimson wallpaper. With a bedroom like that, who wouldn't get the guy?
- Jennifer Krissilas, Copy Editor

In Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy's place is the quintessential San Francisco house with a fabulous view. It perfectly matches their characters - classy yet unpretentious.
- Angela Lawrence, Senior Editor

In Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt (1964), Jack Palance has an incredible cliffside mansion on the island of Capri. An exterior wall doubles as a staircase to the roof patio. I also love the curlicued iron bed in Brigitte Bardot's Roman apartment.
- Yuki Hayashi, Senior Editor

8 Women (2002) is set in a lovely '50s French château, complete with a piano, sumptuous draperies, wallpaper, carpeting, accessories, a fully stocked library and grand staircase. Magnifique!
- Denise Barnard, Senior Editor

In Beaches (1988), when Bette Midler finally makes it big, her apartment is a decor disaster. Her extensive collection of self-portraits made me laugh my head off!
- Samantha Pynn, Associate Design Editor

At the beginning of Charade (1963), Audrey Hepburn comes home to find her Parisian apartment empty and her hubby gone. There isn't a stick of furniture left, but the architecture's incredible - high ceilings, mouldings, beautiful huge doors and a fireplace.
- Josephine Woertman, Associate Art Director

In Panic Room (2002), Jodie Foster's Victorian-era Manhattan townhouse has stunning architecture: hardwood floors, French doors, crown moulding, high-ceilings, arched windows, built-in bookcases, fireplaces, and even an elevator.
- Karen Williams, Assistant Art Director

In Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), Holly Golightly has a sublime bachelorette pad, complete with hardwood floors, shabby-chic bathtub/sofa and tons of room to entertain!
- Helen Racanelli, Feature Writer

In City of Angels (1998), Meg Ryan meets Nicolas Cage at a cosy cabin hideaway with an amazing view of the mountains and a backyard lake. There's even an incredible stone fireplace - it's just so inviting.
- Heidi Piel, Assistant Art Director

Pierce Brosnan's Manhattan brownstone in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) is to die for. Its grand entrance, with a cast-iron staircase and artwork, gives it a museum-like feel. If Pierce comes with the house, I'll take it!
- Diana Luciani, Editorial Assistant

In Face/Off (1997), Nicolas Cage has an amazing loft with floor-to-ceiling windows and top-of-the-line furnishings. The minute I saw it, I wanted it!
- Natalie Moore, Editorial Intern

There's a scene in Gone with the Wind (1939) where Scarlett walks up the stairs of the Wilkes' home, while Rhett Butler smiles at her from the bottom. My heart skips a beat, not just because of Rhett's wicked grin, but because I'm enchanted by that staircase!
- Natalie Bahadur, Web Editor


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DIY Projects

Beautiful movie interiors