DIY Projects

DIY gift wrap: Faux bois

DIY gift wrap: Faux bois

Image: Ryan Brook | Produced by: Morgan Lindsay

DIY Projects

DIY gift wrap: Faux bois

Create your very own stylish faux bois-inspired holiday gift wrap.




  • White kraft paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Acrylic paint in teal
  • Plastic container
  • 4" foam brush
  • Martha Stewart Living Wood Grain Rocker tool


1 Lay a long piece of kraft paper horizontally on a flat surface. Tape down the edges using painter’s tape.

2 Water down some paint in the container to make a thinner consistency.

3 Starting at the top left-hand corner of the paper, paint a 12"-long strip
at a 45-degree angle (it should look like a forward slash).

4 While the paint is still wet, drag the wood grain tool along the painted strip in a rocking motion.

5 Aligned with the top of the first strip, paint a second strip diagonally in the opposite direction. (You’re starting to create a herringbone pattern.) Repeat step 4.

6 Continue this process until the first row is finished.

7 Start the second row right below the first. Repeat until the whole sheet of paper is covered.

8 Let dry before wrapping.

Wallpaper: Parquet wallpaper in BP 4102, Farrow & Ball,



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DIY Projects

DIY gift wrap: Faux bois