DIY Projects

DIY project: Gallery wall

DIY project: Gallery wall

Turn a large landscape print into a pleasing collection of smaller prints. Author: Ryan Brook

DIY Projects

DIY project: Gallery wall

Style at Home managing editor and resident crafter Catherine Therrien shows you how to create an easy yet stylish gallery wall.


Using different segments of a single landscape print and picture frames, create this pleasing collected look that's perfect for a welcoming entryway.


• Landscape print
• Picture frames
• Spray paint
• Pencil
• Cutting mat
• Ruler
• X-acto knife
• Masking tape
• Picture-hanging hardware


1 Find an oversized print of a landscape scene in a monochromatic colour scheme.

2 Collect frames of different sizes (for a 58" x 38" print, I used 10 frames).

3 Prep the frames by removing any existing artwork, glass, staples, wiring, etc. Spray-paint the frames in a single colour that complements the print. Let completely dry.

4 Place the print on a flat surface and lay the frames over it. Play around with the placement of the frames, making sure to capture the most important segments of the print.

5 Once you’re pleased with the arrangement, take a pencil and trace around the inside of each frame. Remove the frames.

6 Slide a cutting mat under one of the traced segments. Using a ruler and an X-acto knife, cut out the image. Repeat.

7 Take each cut-out image and place it in its corresponding frame. Secure all four edges of each print to the frame using masking tape.

8 Attach picture-hanging hardware to the top of each frame.

9 Anchor the frames to the wall in roughly the same sequence as the original print. Start with the centre frames and then slowly work the other pieces around them.


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DIY Projects

DIY project: Gallery wall