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Fabric dyeing

Fabric dyeing

Learn how to dye fabric at home! Author: Style at Home

DIY Projects

Fabric dyeing

Learn how to make tie-dye hot in your home.


The do's of dyeing
1 Prewash fabrics before dyeing, especially if the fabric is new. Don't use fabric softeners, as they leave residue that can result in an uneven absorption of dye.

2 Avoid synthetics like polyester and rayon. Dyes are most effective on natural textiles, like linen and cotton.

3 Have fun and experiment with colour using test fabric, following the dye manufacturer's instructions. Keep in mind that dye can always be made lighter by adding more water.

4 Stir dye bath throughout the recommended dyeing duration to ensure all fibres are evenly treated.

5 Rinse fabric after dyeing until water runs clear, then squeeze to remove excess water. Hang to dry.

6 Launder separately for the next few washings, as some colour bleeding is possible.



The tie-dyed room
Dyed an array of beachy blues, white textiles take on a laid-back, artisanal vibe that strikes just the right note for cottage living. From the feathered transition of colour in the dip-dyed drapes to the softly diffused stripes of the hand-painted and batik cushions, the delightfully unpredictable nature of dye ensures each makeover is one-of-a-kind.



Napkin dyeing
Applying gel-wax resist through a pretty stencil lends dyed table linens the look of high-end block-printed textiles.





Cushions dyeing
With effects ranging from fun and funky to subtle and sophisticated, each dyeing technique imparts its own unique character, even with a monochromatic palette.



Dyeing techniques
{clockwise from top left}

Hand paint Apply dye freehand with a foam brush or artist's bristle brush.

Tie-dye For a shot of hippie chic, gather fabric into bunches and secure with multiple elastic bands. Immerse article in dye, rinse, then squeeze with elastics still in place. Remove elastics and hang to dry.

Dip-dye Hang fabric above dye bath and partially immerse. Rinse, squeeze and hang to dry from undyed portion.

Ombre To get this fashion-forward gradation of colour, pour mixed dye into spray bottle and spritz edge of fabric intended to be darkest. Empty half of bottle, refill with water and spritz adjacent section. Repeat until desired colour gradient is achieved.

Batik An ancient method in which a waxy substance called resist -- which prevents absorption of dye -- is applied to fabric before immersing in dye bath. After, machine-wash to remove resist, revealing final pattern.

Shibori A traditional Japanese technique that creates a summery strie effect. Drape selections of fabric across a broom handle or section of PVC pipe; scrunch together and apply dye with a squeeze or spray bottle.






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DIY Projects

Fabric dyeing