DIY Projects

Paper crafts for the home

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DIY Projects

Paper crafts for the home

Paper crafts: Wallpapered staircase
Add an unexpected hit of pattern and colour with these step-by-step instructions for creating a heavenly stairway.

Project: Interior door panel

Rejuvenate an interior door with a strip of wallpaper with this paper craft.

Paper craft: Pretty room divider
This wallpaper-covered room divider creates a stunning way to split up your space.

Paper craft: Covered canister

Transform an old cookie tin into a beautiful all-purpose container.

Project: Framed papers

Play around with multiple versions of the same wallpaper pattern when decorating your walls.

Project: Covered stool

Make over a modern classic with this neat paper craft.

Paper craft: Make flag garlands

Add more dimensions, colour and just plain fun to a room with these cute flags.

Paper craft: How to create silhouette art

7 steps to creating beautiful silhouette artwork to hang on your walls.

Paper craft: Scrapbook style birthday card
These colourful cards, covered in texture and personal details, will make a happy birthday even happier.

Paper craft: Tissue paper walls

For a cheaper, quicker version of wallpaper, try this tissue paper technique.

Paper craft: Paper tile bistro tray
Make tiles for a wooden tray using coordinating paper squares.


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DIY Projects

Paper crafts for the home