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Project: Chalkboard table numbers

Project: Chalkboard table numbers

Project: Chalkboard table numbers Author: Style At Home

DIY Projects

Project: Chalkboard table numbers

Time 3 to 4 hours
When to start 2 to 4 weeks before the wedding
Budget $20 to $50 depending on types of vessels used

Bottles, jars, flower pots, or vases spray painted with chalkboard paint are perfect vehicles for table numbers, and they double as vessels for flowers. Chalk is forgiving, so feel free to use your creativity in handwriting your table numbers or names.

Makes 10 table numbers
• 10 vessels with a smooth surface: vases, wine bottles, large glass jars, or cans
• 2 to 3 cans chalkboard spray paint
• Chalk
• 10 to 12 sheets newspaper, or a drop cloth
• Medium-sized cardboard box, about as tall as your tallest vessel
• Rubber gloves
• Face mask
• Sponge

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1 Set up your spray booth and drying areas.
In a well-ventilated area or outdoors, lay down newspaper or a drop cloth two to three times the size of your cardboard box. This will be your spray booth. If you’ve enlisted a friend to help, set up a second spray booth. In a separate area, cover a 3-×-3-foot work surface with newspaper. This will be your drying area.

2 Paint the vessels.
Wearing rubber gloves and a face mask, place a vessel in your cardboard box. Spray it with chalkboard paint, tilting and rotating the vessel as you go to get an even coat of paint. Set it aside to dry. Apply a second touch-up coat if needed. Repeat for all vessels.

3 Write the table numbers.
Condition the chalkboard paint on each vessel by rubbing chalk all over it, then rubbing it off with a damp sponge. Once dry, write the table numbers or names on each vessel using chalk

Colored chalkboard paint, available at select hardware stores, makes this project adaptable to many different styles and palettes. You can also make your own following the simple instructions below. You will need:

• Bucket or container, for mixing
• Unsanded tile grout
• Colored latex-based paint
• Paint stirrer
• Sandpaper

Mix 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout per 1 cup of paint, stirring with your paint stirrer. Once dry, sand with sandpaper.

Girly Romantic Consider using pale pink paint. Or write your table numbers in script or calligraphy.

Happy Graphic Use bright red, yellow, cobalt blue, or gray paint. If desired, use a different color for each table, and colour code the table numbers and escort cards, too.

Found Use found and recycled vessels, such as recycled detergent bottles, olive oil cans, large jars, or milk jugs (cut a larger opening if needed with scissors or a can opener).

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DIY Projects

Project: Chalkboard table numbers