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Project: Covered stools

Project: Covered stools

Project: Covered stools Author: Style At Home

DIY Projects

Project: Covered stools

Stools are great because they’re simple, and maybe that’s why we so often take them for granted. Lightweight, sturdy, stackable … there are a million reasons why they are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy. Add a bit of colour and character to this classic design and they become as beautiful as they are useful.

Wallpaper scraps

Mod-podge craft glue
Foam pad brush
X-Acto blade
Wallpaper brush or burnishing tool
Measuring tape (optional)

1 Place the wallpaper face down on your work surface.

2 Set the stool upside down on the paper.

3 Trace around the top of the stool with a pencil.

4 Cut out the circle with scissors.

5 With the stool right-side up, brush the seat with a layer of Mod-podge.

6 Carefully place the paper onto the seat, and use your X-Acto blade to cut off any excess paper from around the edges.

7 Use a wallpaper brush or burnishing tool to smooth the paper and remove any air bubbles.

8 Cover the surface with a layer of Mod-podge, and set the stool aside to dry.

9 Seal and protect your paper with two to three additional coats of Mod-podge.

10 To cover the inside of the legs, use measuring tape to get the dimensions, then cut out the appropriate-size strips of paper. Adhere them to the legs just as you did for the top surface (steps 6 through 9 above). 

wallpaper-projects.jpg Excerpted from Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, From Accents to Art by Derek Fagerstrom and Lauren Smith. Copyright 2009 by Chronicle Books. Excerpted with permission by Chronicle Books. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


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DIY Projects

Project: Covered stools