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Project: Mirror wall

Project: Mirror wall

Project: Mirror wall Author: Style At Home

DIY Projects

Project: Mirror wall

The find
Inexpensive unmatched wooden frames.

The idea
Create a bold entryway display by linking small mirrors together to form a modern patchwork quilt.

The budget
Frames ($2-$10 each) + custom-cut mirror inserts (approx. $10 each)

The result

A statement piece to brighten up and add depth to any small foyer.

mirror-makeover-overall.jpg mirror-makeover-close-up.jpg

1 Select inexpensive secondhand frames
in good condition, ensuring they're not damaged or weak at the joints. Kevin found these ones at Aberfoyle Antique Market.

2 Refinish the frames
by sanding them thoroughly, then spray-painting them in a colour of your choosing. Kevin used Krylon spray paint in Smoke Gray.

3 Cut and install the mirrors. Measure the frames' openings and have mirrors cut to size -- typically the same size as the glass in the frame (Kevin recommends Gerrard Glass & Mirror in Toronto). Carefully install the mirrors in the frames, using glazier points (available at hardware stores) to hold them in place. If you're uncomfortable installing the mirrors yourself, fear not. Kevin advises asking the glazier to install the mirrors as well.

4 Lay the finished mirrors on the floor, positioning the different shapes and sizes to make a cohesive grouping. Once you're happy with the arrangement, fasten the mirrors together at the back using screws, mending plates and plumber's steel strapping. Secure in several places for increased stability.

5 Display the 'quilted' mirror
using heavy-duty picture-hanging hardware.



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DIY Projects

Project: Mirror wall