5 Unconventional Cleaning Tips That Really Work

5 Viral Cleaning Tips That Really Work

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5 Unconventional Cleaning Tips That Really Work

Not every viral cleaning trick we see on social media actually works.

We put a few to the test, so you don’t have to! These are the cleaning tips worth incorporating into your routine.

Use your drill to clean your shower

You may have seen videos circulating on social media where a brush is attached to a drill in order to thoroughly clean your shower tiles and grout. Not only will your surfaces sparkle after a few turns of the brush, but your muscles will thank you for letting the drill do most of the work. 

You can find the brush extensions for your drill on Amazon. There's a whole range of options, from soft to stiff brushes. It's always a good idea to do a pre-test on an inconspicuous area to ensure you don't scratch or damage the surface you want to clean. 


Use the “Angry Mama” for your microwave

Cleaning the microwave is a task we often avoid—who really looks in there anyways?. But since this appliance is used so often, it gets dirty quickly. Enter the Angry Mama. This funny-looking device uses steam in order to quickly and efficiently clean and disinfect your microwave.


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Clean your car’s nooks and crannies with the “Car Gummy”



If you own a car and have children, there's a good chance that crumbs are stuck in every little cranny of your vehicle. Because these places are hard to access with the usual cleaning tools, we recommend the car gummy, a dust-cleaning gel-like putty.  Simply stick the gel to a surface to remove dust and dirt. It works on air vents, the steering wheel, the console panel, storage bins, cup holders, door handles, the dashboard, or and pretty much everywhere else!

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Parchment paper will clean your faucets

Parchment paper isn’t just for cooking—you can rub a piece of crumpled paper on your faucets to polish them. It’s also great at removing hard water stains.

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The Pink Stuff works on hard-to-remove stains

The Pink Stuff is a versatile cleaning paste that removes dirt, grime and grease. It's excellent for cleaning chrome and glass (such as shower doors and bathroom taps) and can shine an oven. This magic paste can be used both indoors and outdoors.


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5 Unconventional Cleaning Tips That Really Work