How often should you clean these items?

How often should you clean these items?

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How often should you clean these items?

How often should you clean your home to keep it healthy, clean and comfortable? We’re here to tell you!

For a cleaner and dust-free home, there are certain rules to follow on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

Of course, it's important to keep in mind that we're doing our best, there's no pressure, because between work, preparing meals, and appointments for the kids, we might not have much time left!

Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in the house, with all the bacteria. Thus, you have to wash it every day, as well as all the dishes in it.

Computers and cellphones

We tend to forget about those! Nevertheless, every week you should clean these bacterial nests with suitable products.

Kitchen counters

The countertop is the most frequently used surface in the kitchen. We recommend washing it with a clean rag every day in order to remove impurities that have been brought there by food and other objects.

Bathroom and sink

Hair, toothpaste, make-up, soap residue... the sink is much less pure than you might think. Keep a bottle of cleanser nearby in the bathroom cabinet to attack the sinks daily... and don't forget the toilet in the process!


You should shake them out every week, no matter how big or small! From the hall carpet to the bathroom rug to the one in the living room, you'd be amazed (or disgusted) by the amount of dust and other bacteria that ends up on them.

Bed sheets

Every morning, summer and winter, open the bedroom windows to air out the room. For a clean, fresh bed, change the sheets at least every two weeks.


Knowing how difficult it is to follow this suggestion, but keep in mind that you should vacuum your mattress, at the very least, every month. Ideally, it should be vacuumed every two weeks, at the same time as you change your bedsheets. A quick vacuum cleaning is all it takes to remove most impurities and dust mites.

Pillows and duvets

Because you spend an average of 7 hours a day with them, they should be sent to the washing machine every six months.

Oven and refrigerator

We are not only talking about the outside, but also the inside of these appliances, as they accommodate a large number of meals. Clean them every two weeks.


Don't panic about washing mirrors. Once a week, scrub off water droplets, dust, and fingerprints. If you're too busy, you can skip a week!


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How often should you clean these items?