How to: Clean your oven

How to: Clean your oven

How to clean your oven Author: Janis Nicolay


How to: Clean your oven

Everything you need to know about getting this in-demand appliance clean – and keeping it that way.

The holidays are a busy time for your oven, whether you’re making a turkey, gingerbread cookies, salt-dough ornaments or all of the above. Winning results require a clean appliance, as built-up grime can affect foods’ flavour or, worse, lead to fires. Repeated heat will burn spills and splatters in place, so make a habit of wiping them after each use, once the oven has totally cooled (a sprinkle of salt will loosen the mess while the appliance is cooling). For a deep clean , make a paste by adding water to baking soda, and apply it generously to the oven’s interior using a clean cloth; leave overnight. Wipe the surface using a damp cloth and scrape off large stuck-on bits with a spatula. If any grime remains, generously spray on white vinegar – it will react with the baking soda to work the dirt off – and wipe clean.



Get to know your oven’s built-in cleaning function (or lack thereof) before getting started.

Self-cleaning: In an isolated cycle, extreme heat turns grime into ash to be wiped off with a damp cloth. Racks must be removed (and cleaned separately); commercial cleaners are prohibited.

Continuous cleaning: A chemical coating on the walls dissolves splatters during cooking. Avoid commercial cleaners (they may strip off the coating).

None: It can handle both homemade and commercial cleaning solutions.


Your oven racks work hard and, every so often, they could use a bubble bath – literally. Start by lining your bathtub with old towels to protect it. Place the racks on top and submerge them in hot water; mix in several generous squirts of dish soap. Let stand overnight to loosen dirt before wiping clean with a soft sponge.

Behind closed doors
Grease-carrying steam can get in between the door’s interior and exterior glass panes. Cleaning this requires taking the door apart, so check your warranty to see if this service is covered or call in a pro.

Expert tip: “Keep a baking sheet on the bottom rack of your oven to catch spillage. Then simply remove, clean and replace it.” -Natalia Bronstein, Team Leader, Aspenclean.

Dos and Don'ts:
Do: Be patient. Allowing cleaning solutions to sit for the full recommended length of time will minimize your scrubbing effort.

Don't: Get any water or cleaning solution on the door gasket, as it damages easily.





Clean racks with a natural eco-friendly dish soap.

Fruity meets herbal in the unexpected fragrance of this Canadian-made soap. Dish soap in Green Apple & Basil, 700 ml, Attitude, $5.

A highly concentrated formula means tons of suds. The Honest Company dish soap in White Grapefruit, 783 ml, Canadian Tire, $8.

This scent-free option is gentle on the skin thanks to aloe vera. Hypoallergenic Ultra dish soap, 740 ml, Eco-Max, $5.




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How to: Clean your oven