How to keep duvets fresh

How to keep duvets fresh

Keep your duvets fresh with these helpful tips.

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How to keep duvets fresh

Everything you need to know about duvets and how to maintain them.

A duvet is often an investment piece and even infrequent laundering can damage it, so proper maintenance is key. Opt for a duvet cover, which protects better than a flat sheet. Keep the filling evenly distributed and smooth by fluffing the duvet regularly. Also air it out a few times a year by hanging it, sans cover, on a clothesline to preserve its fresh scent. If the duvet and its filling ever get soiled, launder with care. Start by checking the label. If the duvet can handle machine washing, use warm water and mild detergent. Do not wring the duvet before placing it in the dryer on the low setting. Add dryer balls, which prevent clumping, and a few clean, dry towels to speed up the process.


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Seasonal rotation
Consider getting separate summer and winter duvets. Dressing your bed in accordance with the season is likely to result in savings on your energy bill. Just be sure to protect off-season duvets from dust by storing them in cotton canvas bags (never plastic ones, which won’t allow duvets to breathe and may lead to mildew).

Time is of the essence
Attend to spills or stains immediately, before they seep into the filling. Push as much of the filling as you can out of the way before spot-treating the casing with water and mild dishwashing liquid.

Fill the gap
Not sure which filling is best? Here’s a breakdown of the most common materials.

Down: The most effective insulator, resulting in light-weight options that pack serious heat; pricey and associated with allergies.

Feather: Cost-effective and firm; allergenic, heavy, and larger feathers can poke through fabric, so look for high-threadcount casings.

Synthetic: Typically made of polyester, low cost and non-allergenic; can get bulky and doesn’t keep heat as well as natural options.

Did you know
Down’s fill power (400 to 900) is a measure of how well it insulates. The higher the fill power, the longer lasting, softer and warmer a down duvet.


Handy helpers
Keep this trifecta of duvet care must-haves on hand.

Maintain: Keep your duvet smelling fresh with fabric spray; this one traps allergens, which can then be vacuumed away. Allergen Reducer Fabric Refresher Spray in Unscented, Febreze, $5.

Wash: Calming yet powerful lemon essential oil is the star ingredient in this all-natural laundry detergent. Laundry Detergent in original lemon, Lemon Aide, $13.

DRY: Stop the filling from clumping together with these Canadian-made wool dryer balls. Handmade wool dryer balls, Ulat, $30 per set of 3.

Dos and Don'ts
Do: Use a large-capacity front-loading washing machine (if need be, go to a laundromat) or hand wash in the bathtub.

Don’t: Use a top loader, which can pack down the filling, or a machine too small to comfortably fit the dry duvet.


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How to keep duvets fresh