How to remove red wine stains

How to remove red wine stains

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How to remove red wine stains

How to get your red wine-stained table linens party-ready again.


Red wine can leave its mark on your table linens. Our resourceful research editor, Mary Levitski, reveals how to get them party-ready again.


How to remove stains

Step 1: Time is of the essence when you're faced with red wine stains. As soon as possible, blot the area with a paper towel to remove as much of the wine as you can.

Step 2: Fight wine with wine. As crazy as it may sound, white wine helps dilute red's bold pigment (club soda or vinegar works, too). Pour a bit of white wine over the stain and blot with a paper towel. If the stain is more orless gone, launder as usual in cold water. Air dry; the head from the dyer will set any leftover stains.

Step 3: For any remaining traces of red wine, stretch the fabric over a colander with the stain in the centre. (Keeping the fabric taut is key, so you may need to ask for an extra pair of hands.) Flush the stain with a potful of boiling water, pouring from at least a foot above. Repeat as necessary before laundering in cold water.


Stylish solution

Pretty coasters catch guests' attention and encourage use. We can't wait for our invite to the dinner party that boasts these printed marble Pinwheel ones by Ontario-based Dan Fallak of VersaTile. One of a Kind Online Shop, $32 (per set of 4).

Launder wonders

Check out our favourite picks for stain-fighting laundry detergents.


Trusted brand

The cap on Tide's latest liquid detergent is equipped with rubber bristles that make it easy to target and pre-treat marks. Liquid Ultra Stain Release laundry detergent,, $14.



Powder packets remove even set spills. OxiClean Unit Dose laundry detergent,, $8 (per 27 packs).



Natural detergent that will rid your linens of stains and scent them with non-synthetic fragrance. Better Life Liquid Spin-credible Natural laundry detergent,, $20.

TIP: Can't deal with a spill right away? Cover it liberally with salt, which will absorb much of the liquid, preventing it from setting and spreading.


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How to remove red wine stains