Organizing Ideas

Closet organizing tips to cure wardrobe woes

Closet organizing tips to cure wardrobe woes

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Organizing Ideas

Closet organizing tips to cure wardrobe woes

A home-organization guru shares her tips on arranging a closet for a hassle-free morning.

You know how it is — your closet is crammed full of pieces, yet you wear the same select few on repeat. Maybe it's because they're truly fantastic pieces, but we'll bet it's because you've forgotten about the many other fantastic pieces that have gotten sucked into the Bermuda Triangle in your chaotic closet. But, that's nothing a little organization can’t solve.

We got in touch with Clare Kumar, owner of Toronto-based Streamlife, a professional organizing and productivity firm, to learn her closet essentials that will help you get dressed faster — and get out of your repetitive wardrobe rut.


1. Respect the space.

“Keep your volume of clothing at a manageable level,” says Kumar. “No one wants to fight with their closet.” That means, purging at least four times a year. You can donate clothes to your local Goodwill or host a clothing swap


2. Consider cascading hangers.

You can create space by hanging objects that are the same length, together. For example, group short skirts and short tops. This makes room for two levels of hanging using cascading hangers (or by adding another clothing rack). Kumar also says that you should hang your tops on the lower level, and your pants at eye-level. “It may sound counterintuitive,” she explains, “but pants take up less space compared to blazers or coats—this lets more light in so you can see your clothes."


3. Colour block.

After arranging by length,  colour block for easy recognition.


4. Invest in good lighting.

“If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it,” Kumar jokes. “Keep the lighting bright enough so that you can differentiate between all your black clothing."


5. Opt for clear shoeboxes.

Clear shoeboxes are visually pleasing, and allow you to find the shoes you want to wear in a timely manner. If you’re a shoe lover, buying stackable clear boxes is key, says Kumar, as they allow you to utilize the vertical space from the floor to the upper shelves.


6. Clean up your hangers.

“The quickest way for a closet to look chaotic is to have a mishmash of hanger styles and sizes,” Kumar explains. If you’re guilty of keeping hangers from the dry cleaner, recycle them by giving them back every time you pick up a batch of clothes. 


7. Use a valet hook.

A valet hook can do wonders for getting dressed in the morning. Choose what you’re going to wear the night before, and hang it on the valet hook for easy access once you’re ready. “Use the valet look in your closet specifically for this purpose, as hanging items there regularly will likely prevent you from seeing and accessing your garments,” Kumar says.


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Organizing Ideas

Closet organizing tips to cure wardrobe woes