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Home cleaning tips

Home cleaning tips

Home cleaning tips Author: Style At Home

Organizing Ideas

Home cleaning tips

Why wait until spring to clean the house? Cleaning the house can be a tedious and tiresome task, which may be the reason many of us put it off. Nonetheless, it still needs to get done - but don't worry, we've gathered our best home cleaning tips to help you get started. 


How to: Clean your house inside and out
A room-by-room cleaning guide to help make your house sparkle from top to bottom.

HomeCleaning-speed-cleaning.jpgThe secrets of speed cleaning

Speed cleaning tips that will actually help minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning your house on the weekend.

HomeCleaning-meta-dirtiest-thing.jpgThe 10 dirtiest things in your house

Keep your house healthy and clean by learning how to eradicate germs.

HomeCleaning-13-products.jpg13 eco-friendly cleaning products
These products will help get the house clean while being environmentally-friendly.

HomeCleaning-meta-quick-tips4-gr.jpgQuick tips for green cleaning

Environmentally friendly cleaning practices that will leave the house sparkling from top to bottom.

HomeCleaning-12winter-cleaning.jpg12 winter cleaning ideas

Things can somehow seem messier, dirtier and less organized during the winter months. Here’s how to tackle it in time to leave you feeling fresh for spring.

HomeCleaning-meta-appliance.jpgHow to save money by cleaning your appliances

Save money and increase your home's energy efficiency with these simple appliance cleaning tips.

HomeCleaning-meta-outdoor.jpgCleaning your outdoor furniture

Follow our expert care guide to enjoy your patio furniture now and for years to come.

HomeCleaning-meta-ennviron-frien.jpgEnvironmentally friendly cleaning products
Environmentally friendly cleaning products abound on store shelves. Check out some of your options.

HomeCleaning-springcleaning-top2.jpgSpring cleaning: From top to bottom

Simple steps to a cleaner, fresher home that will help you start the season off right.

HomeCleaning-meta-10-spring-clea.jpg10 spring cleaning tips

Revitalize your hibernating home with simple suggestions.

HomeCleaning-meta-bathroom-check.jpgBathroom cleaning checklist
Daily, weekly and seasonal cleaning tips for cleaning your bathroom til it sparkles!

HomeCleaning-window-coverings.jpgHow to: Clean window coverings

The tools to use and the timetables to follow to perfectly clean all your window coverings, from curtains and shades to blinds of all kinds.

HomeCleaning-bathroom-sparkle.jpg8 ways to make your bathroom sparkle

A clean bathroom is like a breath of fresh air through your home.

HomeCleaning-meta-DL-closets.jpgDesign lesson: Keeping your closets clean
Get some creative tips for minimizing the mess.

HomeCleaning-meta-enviro-friendl.jpgEnvironmentally friendly spring cleaning

Give your home the clean sweep the environmentally friendly way with these simple suggestions for green cleaning.

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Organizing Ideas

Home cleaning tips