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New Year's resolutions for your home

New Year's resolutions for your home

New Year's resolutions for your home Author: Style At Home

Organizing Ideas

New Year's resolutions for your home

Here’s the thing about New Year’s resolutions: make them too ambitious and you may throw in the towel too soon; set standards too low and they’re too disposable to mean anything.

We at Style at Home have set out to make you accountable to yourself – and your bottom line. Saving money is just one incentive for making these New Year’s resolutions. We think you’ll find our 10 resolutions improve your home and lifestyle, and will save you some money in the process.

1 "I vow to install a programmable thermostat."
  • You can cut your home heating and cooling costs by about $180 this year alone!
  • Cut your energy use, shrink your carbon footprint!

2 "I resolve to turn my kitchen into a deeper shade of green by cooking vegetarian meals on Meatless Mondays!"
  • You’ll save money while expanding your cooking skills.
  • You’ll shrink your carbon footprint.
  • You’ll reduce your chance of cancer and heart disease.

3 "I’m going to grow my own herbs indoors on a sunny window ledge."

  • You'll save money by avoiding supermarket herbs that spoil so quickly in the fridge
  • There are proven health benefits of adding heart-smart antioxidants to home cooking (and reducing the need for extra fat and sodium).
  • Live plants provide air-purifying benefits indoors.

4 "I promise to dodge drafts by weather-stripping doors and windows, filling holes in the wall, and/or trading lightweight sheers for heavier winter-friendly draperies in velvet or Ultrasuede."
  • You'll cut energy costs.
  • It will improve home comfort – and style!


5 "I resolve to repaint at least one room in the house."
  • Changing up your wall colour is an easy and inexpensive way to update the decor of your home.

6 "I promise to start packing my own lunch for at least the month of January."

  • Commit for one month and it may just become a new habit.
  • You’ll save money. Lots of it!
  • It’s healthier. From-home meals usually have less fat, sodium and calories than convenience foods or restaurant meals.

7 "I resolve to implement a no-shoes-in-the-house rule, especially if I have kids."
  • Studies have shown lead and other hazardous materials can be tracked into homes on shoes. Not good for your interior air quality – or floor surfaces that kids play on!
  • Sand and other debris can cause the finish on your floors to degrade faster, necessitating costly refinishing -- or replacement.

8 "I'm going to develop a green thumb with indoor plants."
  • Indoor plants filter volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from indoor air. NASA, in fact, has used them to purify the air in its space station. Their top picks? The Areca, lady and bamboo palm trees, rubber plant and dracena.

9 "I’ll test my Co2 detector, smoke detectors and fire extinguisher, or install them if I haven’t already done so."
  • It's an easy way to protect your family.
  • Also protects your biggest investment – your home – from damage, and avoids the insurance-premium increases that can result.

10 "I vow to spring-clean my cleaning cupboard by getting rid of cleaners I don’t use –  and buying dedicated cleaners for everything I need to protect."
  • Protect your furniture investments. Why streak-up pricy Philippe Starck chairs with an all-purpose spray cleaner? Use a dedicated acrylic cleaner.
  • Avoid costly damage to expensive home electronics. Ammonia-based window cleaner can wreck your tech gear and TV screens.


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Organizing Ideas

New Year's resolutions for your home