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Organizing 101: Organizing broom closets

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Organizing Ideas

Organizing 101: Organizing broom closets

I love broom closets. But when you open the door and a Swiffer, broom, squeegee and mop practically jump out and attack you, it's time to organize. No closet? Prepare to improvise. Try our tips to organize your cleaning supplies and simplify your routine.

1 Purge
• Empty the closet. Give away cleaners you don't use; switch to biodegradable products.
• If you have a bag of rags, throw extras out. 

2 Organize
Before shopping for organizing tools, plan how you'll use the space. Consider these tips:
• Use vertical surfaces (and the backs of doors) to clear your floor and increase storage space.
• Store regularly used items, like all-purpose and window cleaners, in a caddy.

• Keep frequently used and bulky items like the vacuum cleaner at the bottom of the broom closet or in another easily accessible location.
• Loop vacuum hoses over large heavy-duty hooks (like bike hooks) or on a hose holder on the wall.
• Hang brooms and mops in a wall-mounted holder.
• Hang the dustpan and brush on a hook.

• Store by category -- function (floor, countertop) or room (kitchen, bathroom).
• Stock a cleaning caddy with cleaners, a clean rag, sponge, paper towels and an absorbent towel.
• Store bulk containers of cleaning products on a less-accessible shelf.

Other stuff
• Stash less-frequently used products and items (for example, shoe polish) in an over-the-door rack or a clear plastic shoe organizer hung on the door or wall.
• Fold and stack old towels used as rags on a shelf; stuff small rags in a wall-mounted plastic-bag organizer.
• Keep your bucket on a waterproof mat (car mats work well) on the floor.

No closet? No problem!
• Assess your home for unused areas -- sometimes even a few inches of space can make a big difference. Take advantage of walls that your guests don't see, like those along the basement stairs or in storage rooms.
• Browse organizing stores, websites, home centres and big box stores like Home Outfitters for items that help you create more storage space.
• Store mops on a wall-mounted rack. It requires only a few inches of space to store several mops or brooms.
• Stock a cleaning caddy and stash it under the kitchen or bathroom sink, or borrow space in your linen closet.
• Park the vacuum cleaner in a bedroom or another closet.
• Hang a dustpan and brush in a hidden spot, like on the back of the kitchen door or on the inside of a lower kitchen cabinet door.


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Organizing Ideas

Organizing 101: Organizing broom closets