Organizing Ideas

Small space: Organizing the bedroom

Small space: Organizing the bedroom

Small space: Organizing the bedroom Author: Style At Home

Organizing Ideas

Small space: Organizing the bedroom

Much of what you need to organize in the bedroom can be pretty, so why not change your mode of thinking and consider yourself to be styling your makeup, jewelry and accessories, not just storing them?
Precious gems
An articulating task lamp is a perfect spot to both store and display necklaces. No more tangles in the drawer or jewelry box!

Take away
Place a great-looking tote in your bedroom and toss garments that need dry cleaning into it. When it’s full, just lug it off to the cleaners. organize-thebedroom-drawers.jpg
Show us your drawers

When everything has a place, you’ll use more of your accessories and be able to replace items more easily. organize-thebedroom-buttons.jpg
Buttons & bows

Use a mini business card binder to sort the spare buttons and thread that come with new clothing. Write the garment description on the back of an old business card to indicate which garment the button belongs to. organize-thebedroom-boxes.jpg
Boxed in

Use sturdy, attractive boxes – both bottoms and lids – as drawer dividers. organize-thebedroom-delicates.jpg

Hang dainty camisoles on a felt-covered tie hanger. The fabric prevents the straps from slipping, and you can keep multiple camies on one hanger yet still easily access them without having to untangle straps. organize-thebedroom-hanger.jpg
DIY scarf hanger

Create your own display unit for scarves and pashminas. Wrap sturdy cardboard tubes with leftover wallpaper; thread ribbon through each, then tie to create a ladder effect. Add rungs as you acquire scarves. Hang on the back of a door, in the closet or on a wall.

Display earrings and bracelets in a pressed-glass egg plate or oyster dish.

Stylist's secrets

Margot’s favourite tips, tricks and tools that you can use to get your house in order, beautifully.

  • A hand steamer is easier for freshening up garments, pillowcases and draperies than getting out the ironing board, plus it takes way less space to store.
  • Sticky tack, A.K.A. blu-tack,  is magic stuff. Use some to secure the corners of pictures hung on the wall, hold delicate accessories in place on a shelf, or hold taper candles in place.
  • If you’re a frequent traveller, keep your travel-size toiletries filled and ready to go in a clear zippered container.
  • Stock up on plain white ceramic vases or jugs – they can be used to store something in almost any room in the house.
  • Outfit a vintage suitcase with hand tools, tape, wood filler, spackle and picture-hanging hardware. That way, everything required for small jobs can be toted to where it’s needed.


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Organizing Ideas

Small space: Organizing the bedroom