2014 paint colour trends

2014 paint colour trends

2014 paint colour trends Author: Style At Home


2014 paint colour trends

The colour palettes that paint companies have revealed for 2014 prove what amazing hues can be found in nature. The seashore, evidently, provides endless inspiration, but what’s interesting is how differently each company has interpreted the colours. The ocean ranges from mint green to a pale, delicate blue. And everything from grains of sand to mud and driftwood have been stirred into an amazing array of pinks, whites, yellows and blues. Even the air has been deciphered as gentle pastel shades.

Here’s a look at the hottest paint colour trends for 2014.
The Seaside Harmony look from Behr encapsulates the vision of a seashore, from the fresh turquoise hues of the water and the multicoloured grains of a sandy beach to the sun-bleached tones of driftwood.

Where to use this colour
“If you want to set the stage in your own personal space, encompassing this palette in a room with lots of windows set over the water might just make you think you were on vacation year ‘round,” says Nancy Bollefer, Behr’s Canadian marketing manager.

Ocean Liner T14-1 South Peach T14-2 Miami Weiss T14-3 Edgewater T14-4 Sky Blue T14-5; available in Home Depot stores nationwide, visit to find a location near you. colour-2014-paint-trend-2.jpg
Sico paint
Mylène Gévry, brand director at Sico Paint, says that the In Unison theme, shown here, reflects the pairing of natural and industrial design elements. In other words, the lively colours may be rooted in the beach, but there’s a very modern element at play, as well.

Where to use this colour
“Friendly, futuristic and energetic, the colours of this palette— rich reds, cool teals and bright yellows—work well on an accent wall of a living area, family room or kitchen,” explains Mylène.

Walls, Tomato Peel (6057-53); visit for a retailer near you. colour-2014-paint-trend-3.jpg
Dulux Paint
“Greens with a jewel or mint tone, such as Dulux Paint’s ‘Sea Isle’ (10GG 57/307) green, will be popular in 2014, reflecting a feeling of renewed energy, vibrancy and optimism for better economic times ahead,” says Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager for Dulux Paint.

Where to use this colour
“Leaning more towards blue than yellow, the new greens work best in open spaces, kitchens or family rooms,” says Martin.

Wall colour, Sea Isle (10GG 57/307); visit for a retailer near you. colour-2014-paint-trend-4.jpg
CIL Paint
CIL has decreed that “mellow yellow,” a warm pastel shade, is the colour of the year. “As part of the optimistic yellow family, it retains a lively energy that suggests freshness and fun,” says Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL Paint.

Where to use this colour

“ ‘Creamy’ has a barely there, pastel-like quality that is soft enough to bring a sense of tranquility to even the most active of family rooms,” says Alison. It also works here in this light, airy bedroom.

Wall colour, Creamy (50YY 77/285); visit for a retailer near you.

Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore went a little more abstract with their paint colour palette for 2014, finding inspiration in the air. “We have been watching as paler colours have been entering the home furnishings industry and now homeowners are craving these fresh tones for their walls,” says Benjamin Moore’s colour and design expert Sharon Grech.

Where to use this colour
Sharon says there’s a shift towards filtered blues, greens, pinks and even lilacs. “These are becoming the new neutrals—just like the sky, ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ offers a fresh, neutral background in the home that allows all the other colours to shine,” she says.

Breath of Fresh Air 806, Aura, Matte; visit for a store locator to find the closest retailer.
Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball also looked to the seashore for inspiration, but the palette has more of a classic touch. “Our key colours for 2014 reflect an instinctive desire to get back in touch with nature, moving away from lifeless, hard surfaces so common in modern life, explains Sarah Cole, director of Farrow & Ball. “Colours such as ‘Cooking Apple Green’, ‘Stiffkey Blue’, ‘Purbeck Stone’ and ‘Mole’s Breath’, influenced by seashores and landscapes, evoke a wonderful sense of nature, which help to create stylish but ultimately comfortable homes.”

Where to use this colour
You can actually find mud in this stunning shade of blue on Stiffkey’s beach in Norfolk, England. “It’s great for creating either a light-hearted environment when used with ‘ Light Blue’ and ‘Setting Plaster’, or for something more dramatic when combined with ‘Off Black’,” says Sarah.

Walls: Stiffkey Blue™ No.281 Estate Emulsion, Floor: Hardwick White™ o.5 Floor Paint, Skirting: Light Blue™ No.22 Estate Eggshell, Desk: Setting laster® No.231 Estate Eggshell; Find one of the 25 stockists in Canada near you online at (where you can also order it) or via mail order at 1-888-511-1121. colour-2014-paint-trend-7.jpg
The shades of grey in this bright, comfy living room have a cosy, earthy quality to them. “Trends are moving from cool to warm greys and towards beautiful taupes, explains Bev Bell, creative director for Beauti-Tone Paint.

Where to use this colour

Use this palette with bright whites to freshen up a sunroom or to brighten a family room. Blend the greys and taupes for a refreshed, relaxing look, says Bev.

Comfort zone palette, CZ3-0 My Favorite Sweater, CZ4-4 Hearth Stone, CZ7-0 Let's Get Cozy, CZ5-0 White Lite; available exclusively at Home Hardware, Home Building Centre and Home Hardware Building Centre locations across Canada.
PARA paints
“PARA chose Plantain Chips as their colour of the year because it symbolizes optimism,” explains Garry Belfall, senior brand manager at Para Paints. “A bright yellow automatically evokes thoughts of sunshine and happiness.”

Where to use this colour
Garry says this bright yellow shade is a perfect accent to the current greys and whites, not just as a wall colour, but also painted on furniture or found in a fabric. “Alternatively, Plantain Chips also fits in gorgeously as part of a colour-blocking scheme or even an ombre effect (think sunsets on your wall),” he says.

Plantain Chips (PF52); visit to find a retailer near you.


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2014 paint colour trends