How to: Clean your gas range

How to: Clean your gas range

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How to: Clean your gas range

Keep your gas range looking spotless with these helpful cleaning tips and tricks.

As far as stovetops go, a commercial-style gas range is the first choice for many serious home cooks. In addition to keeping it looking sleek, proper cleaning is key to maintaining its functionality.



Problem: Grimy gas range

1. Remove the grates and any griddles, as well as the burner heads and caps. Using a non-abrasive sponge, wash them well with dish soap and warm water. If the dirt buildup is particularly bad (when was the last time you cleaned these things?), leave them to soak for 20 to 30 minutes. (Do not replace yet.)

2. To loosen the dirt buildup from spills and splatters on the stovetop, cover the spots with a cloth dampened in hot water for several minutes. Using a rubber scraper, remove the debris. With a dampened sponge (not soaked – water can harm the igniter), wipe the whole stovetop. Wipe dry using a microfibre cloth.

3. Rinse and thoroughly dry all the components you removed before replacing them.

4 For a beautifully clean finish, carefully remove all the knobs and wash using the same method as step 1.


Stylish solution

For keeping splatters at bay, we love Trudeau’s Flex pot clip (, $9). Clip it onto your pot or pan for an instant spoon rest. It accommodates both regular cutlery and larger cooking utensils and is a great alternative to its countertop counterpart, which is likely to be dirty or MIA in the dishwasher.Get a leg up on grease in between kitchen cleanup with these easy-to-use cleaning sprays.


Illustration courtesy of Joanna Kam


1. Heavy-duty
Tailor-made for gas range surfaces. Weiman Heavy-Duty Gas Range cleaner & degreaser, Canadian Tire, $6.

2. Zero waste
Minimize your carbon footprint: Just pop this little sachet into the reusable bottle and dilute with water. Bio Green Crystals Natural degreaser,, $8. Reusable spray bottle,, $3.

3. Biodegradable
A Canadian-made, plant-based product. Eco Mist degreaser,, $7.

Tip: don’t use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.


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How to: Clean your gas range