Kitchen Reno : A Guide Will Help You Plan Every Steps

Kitchen Reno : A Guide Will Help You Plan Every Steps

Photography, Kristin Petro
DESIGN, Kristin Petro, Kristin Petro Interiors.


Kitchen Reno : A Guide Will Help You Plan Every Steps

Want a dream kitchen but are afraid the reno will be a nightmare? Our guide will help you plan every step so you can sleep a little easier!

Kitchen renos aren’t for the faint of heart. Costs are high, supply chain issues can mean waits are long, and the choices can be overwhelming. Pre-reno planning is paramount to avoid costly mistakes and ensure you build the kitchen of your dreams.

How do I set the stage for a successful reno?

First, identify your exact needs. Do you need more room to cook? Additional storage? Better lighting? Make a detailed list of what’s not working, then craft a list of potential fixes and prioritize them. This helps you define the scope of your project – is it a revamp or a total transformation? Then you’ll be able to identify which experts you’ll need to get the job done, as well as estimate how long the project will take. If possible, avoid scheduling a reno when you or your family are particularly busy.

Ensure whichever contractors and trades you hire have a licence, and that every business you’ll be working with is well established and has solid reviews. Also, research materials: know the pros and cons before you put any money down.



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Design, Ami McKay, Pure Design Inc.

How do I know whether to hire a designer, architect, engineer, contractor or project manager?

If you haven’t quite put your finger on what style you want, hire a designer. Designer perk: they usually come with a network of trusted professionals. Kitchen designers, in particular, are cabinetry experts. They’ll maximize storage and countertop space, solve tricky ergonomic challenges, and know the trends in materials and accessories.

For large-scale renovations that include additions and knocking down walls, you need an engineer or an architect; they’ll also be able to prepare and sign off on drawings required for building permits. Finally, a project manager or contractor is helpful for taking charge, coordinating labour and ensuring everything is done to your liking.

How much lead time do I need?

For bigger jobs, you’ll need anywhere from six months to a year to get your blueprints drafted, permits sorted and contractors booked. If you’re simply switching up your cabinetry sans custom manufacturing, give yourself around two to three months.



Photography, Ron Blunt
Design, Jonas Carnemar, Konst Kitchen Interior Design.

When do I switch out the appliances and install a gas line?

If your appliances are built-in or more than 15 years old, shop for new ones at the planning stage so that the cabinetry plan accommodates them. A standard dishwasher is 24 inches wide; a stove or built-in oven is 30 inches wide; a fridge can range from 29 to 48 inches wide (note that fridge depths also vary). Keep in mind that adding a new appliance (wine fridge, steam oven, etc.) may require an additional electrical outlet.

The kind of cooking technology you opt for will also impact your reno – some cooktops require specialized range hoods and must be located against a wall, as opposed to on an island.

Considering switching to gas? Check local building codes, as it’s not legal across all municipalities.

Do I need to let my insurer know before I get started?

Technically, yes, but very few insurers seem concerned. Ensure that your contractor is covered if an accident occurs on your property. If you are hiring trades, be sure they have active policies.

How do I calculate my budget?

To avoid disappointment midway through your reno, get estimates for costs in advance. Make it a more manageable task by breaking the project down into subheadings (blueprints, cabinets, labour, materials, lighting, appliances, etc.). Generally, a kitchen reno with appliances will range from $15,000 to $30,000 for smaller budgets; $30,000 to $70,000 for medium budgets; and can go beyond $100,000 for high-end everything.

TIP Plan to spend 10 per cent of your home’s overall value.

Every year, the design industry gathers at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Florida to see the latest products and trends, and to recognize the best in design. On these pages, we feature the winning work that caught our attention at KBIS 2022, including a kitchen by Canadian designer Ami McKay – that’s something to celebrate!


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Kitchen Reno : A Guide Will Help You Plan Every Steps