Our best summer how-to projects

Our best summer how-to projects

Our best summer how-to projects Author: Style At Home


Our best summer how-to projects

Looking for something to do this weekend? Give your home an upgrade by completing one of these summer how-to projects.

diy-project-magnet-board-MP.jpg DIY project: Chic magnetic quote board
Create an inspirational quote board using magnetic letters.

diy-project-hanging-basket-MP.jpg DIY project: Macrame plant hanger
Managing editor and resident crafter Catherine Therrien brings back the ’70s in style with a macrame plant hanger.

summer-how-to-projects-mossy.jpg DIY project: Mossy pots
Love the rustic patina of naturally mossed pots? Get the look without the price tag with our DIY version.

summer-how-to-projects-colour.jpg DIY project: Colour-blocked chair
Rustic or sleek? Get the best of both worlds by painting part of an old chair in a bold new hue.

summer-how-to-projects-tree.jpg DIY project: Potted tree branch sculpture
Welcome the autumn season into your home with this do-it-yourself potted tree branch sculpture.

summer-how-to-projects-prepare.jpg Prepare your home for summer
Step lightly into the warm days of June, July and August with the top summer design tips and home upgrade ideas.

summer-how-to-projects-windows.jpg How to: Clean your windows
Crystal clear windows are within your reach with these helpful cleaning tips.

summer-how-to-projects-fence.jpg Choosing the right fence on a budget
HGTV host, Scott McGillivray shares his tips on where to save and where to spend when choosing an exterior fence.

summer-how-to-projects-drive.jpg Updating your driveway
Host of HGTV's Income Property, Scott McGillivray shows you how an updated driveway can increase the value of your home.

summer-how-to-projects-plant.jpg DIY plant support
Style at Home managing editor and resident crafter Catherine Therrien shows you how to make this industrial chic plant support.

summer-how-to-projects-paint.jpg How to: Paint outdoor furniture
Before painting your outdoor furniture make sure you're prepared with these outdoor painting tips.

summer-how-to-projects-table.jpg Turn an old printer's drawer into an outdoor table
Recycle an old printer's drawer and some washboards and turn it into a stylish outdoor table.

summer-how-to-projects-garage.jpg How to: Pick the right garage door
Our guide to help you find the garage door that is perfect for your home.

summer-how-to-projects-kitchen.jpg How to: Build an outdoor kitchen
Cooking outdoors used to mean drenching Dad's charcoal barbecue in fluid and tossing some patties on the grill. Nowadays, the sky's the limit.

summer-how-to-projects-deck.jpg How to: Build a deck
Home improvement expert Jon Eakes provides essential deck-building tips.

summer-how-to-projects-summer.jpg How to: Bring summer into your home
Refresh and revitalize your rooms by welcoming sweet summer into your home.

summer-how-to-projects-picnic.jpg Project: Picnic basket
Take the comforts of your own dining table outside with this stylish, attractive and easy-to-make picnic basket.

summer-how-to-projects-allergt.jpg Allergy relief tricks and tips
Feeling those sniffles? STYLE AT HOME will help you relieve the season's allergies with helpful cleaning tips.

summer-how-to-projects-air.jpg How to: Buy an air conditioner
If you're in the market for an air conditioner, check out the most recent innovations.


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Our best summer how-to projects