Paint colour trends 2010

Paint colour trends 2010

Paint colour trends 2010 Author: Style At Home


Paint colour trends 2010

Everyone knows that the best way to stretch your designer dollar to is to freshen up your walls with a new coat of paint. With leading paint companies launching hot new colours for 2010, you can be inspired to start the year off with a fresh palette.

paint-trends-backtobasics.jpgSICO Paints

SICO’s 2010-2011 palette is divided into four themes: Back to Basics, Free Expression. Classic Revival and Synthetic Culture. “Each of these themes emits emotional energy and optimism. Used on their own or merged together, the 2010-2011 colours reflect the diverse outlook of today’s consumers and deliver a refreshing change and renewed attitude on life,” says Stephanie Pélland of the Quebec-based paint company’s colour picks for the year. 

Homespun shades such as plums, teals and red clay tones that conjure up images of rural living are well-suited to living and great rooms.

Unconventional colours like acidic yellows and ocean blues paired with mismatched patterns, furniture styles and fabrics might be well suited to a teen’s bedroom.

Classicism is back with a feminine nod inspired from needlework, appliqués and period furniture. Ash purples, bronzed greens and lacquer reds reflect a throwback to the past and work well in a master ensuite or dressing area.



CIL Paints

Feel-good tones are the biggest trend across the spectrum at CIL and colour experts say that the new paint colours for 2010 reflect change, growth and new beginnings.

"The sky’s the limit in home decor for the coming year. That's because blue is forecasted to be the hottest colour in the 2010 palette," says Jennifer Jones of CIL Paints. Airy blues and mossy greens signify new beginnings, while the trend to saturated reds and coral pinks represents strength and commitment. Ultramarines and turquoises will be everywhere, from walls to furniture to accessories, and pairing the new blues with crimsons, plums and metallics like gold or pewter is also a big hit this year.

Ideal for family rooms and home offices, oranges radiate carrot and pumpkin tones and pair well with hot fuchsias or neutrals. Shifting away from boring beige, neutrals this year are warm and infused with earth, clay, sand and grain tones.

If you’re looking to add a powerful punch, purples and violets are back in style according to CIL. For those not ready to commit to the intensity of purple, softer lavenders can be both soothing and sophisticated and work well in a foyer or dining room.

"A common thread throughout the entire 2010 colour palette is a marked shift towards pure, lively and open-minded colours that reflect consumers’ hope for a more positive future," says Jones.


The team of colour experts at Farrow & Ball have also created colour schemes for the upcoming year. The schemes include: Industrial, Aquatic, Urban Decay and Glitz & Glamour.

paint-trends-industrial.jpgFarrow & Ball: Industrial

The Industrial palette is architecturally-inspired and balances modernity with tradition. A sense of old and new is joined in a palette of muted tones that reflect stone, chalk and brick. Soft grey neutrals are offset with inky shades to create a contemporary feel and would work in a loft living space or contemporary home. Adding vibrancy to the drama of darker, earthier hues are vibrant splashes of citrus.


Farrow & Ball: Aquatic

The tranquil Aquatic scheme features natural colours contrasted with darker tones and embraces qualities found in reflections. The feeling of freshwater and diluted tones is gentle and subtle and well matched for a bedroom retreat, yoga room or nursery.


Farrow & Ball: Urban Decay

In contrast, the Urban Decay scheme is all about the unpredictable, and the overall impact is theatrical -- experimenting not only with colour but also with paint finish. High shine surfaces injected with zingy colours makes a statement in a bathroom or a dining space.


Farrow & Ball: Glitz & Glamour

Celebrating excess, Glitz & Glamour embodies opulence. Shimmering metallics and golds offset with exotic, Middle Eastern-inspired shades creates a sense of adventure, intrigue and mystery.



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Paint colour trends 2010