Prepare your home for winter

Prepare your home for winter

Prepare your home for winter Author: Style At Home


Prepare your home for winter

Ease your transition into winter with the top design tips, home improvement advice and housekeeping tricks for the coldest months of the year.

winter-home-prep-ice.jpg How to: De-ice outdoor steps and walkways
This winter, transform your outdoor steps and walkway from slippery to safe with these helpful de-icing tips and tricks.

winter-home-prep-pastel.jpg Winter decor: Pretty pastels
Keep your home looking fun and fresh this winter with pretty pastel decor accessories.

winter-home-prep-lodge.jpg 11 winter lodge-style essentials
You can keep us under house arrest anytime – just as long as we’re stocked with these cozy winter lodge-style essentials.

winter-home-prep-bottles.jpg 9 winter accessories under $25
These around-the-house accessories will help to combat the cold.

winter-home-prep-cozy.jpg 15 ways to create a cozy winter home
From comfy throws to wood burning stoves, your home can go from summer cool to winter warm in a pinch.

winter-home-prep-fire.jpg Purchasing a fireplace for your home
What to consider before purchasing a fireplace for your home.

winter-home-prep-interior.jpg Interior: Simple winter style
A shop owner celebrates the season in her own soothing and subtle way.

winter-home-prep-clean.jpg 12 winter cleaning ideas
Things can somehow seem messier, dirtier and less organized during the winter months. Here’s how to tackle it in time to leave you feeling fresh for spring.

winter-home-prep-cottagereno.jpg Winter cottage renovations
Is winter cottage living right for you? Find out all the things you need to consider before making the move.

winter-home-prep-cottage.jpg 13 ways to prepare your cottage for winter
Avoid any surprises in the new year by using these 13 simple steps to put your cottage to bed for winter.

winter-home-prep-warm.jpg 10 ways to warm up this winter
Fight off winter's chill with these cool ideas to keep you warm.

winter-home-prep-white.jpg Interior: Winter whites
An elegant home embraces holiday glamour in a wintry white palette.

winter-home-prep-sell.jpg How to: Sell your home in winter
Selling your home? Winter is a great time for playing up your home’s cosy, family-friendly charm.

winter-home-prep-accessories.jpg Winter home accessories
Get your home ready for winter with these 10 home essentials.

winter-home-prep-winter.jpg How to: Prepare your home for winter
Get your home ready for winter living with these 7 must-do steps.

winter-home-prep-foyer.jpg How to: Create a wonderful winter foyer
Creative suggestions for making your front foyer a space that gets noticed.

winter-home-prep-garden.jpg 11 ways to bring life into your home with indoor gardening
Add some greenery and fresh colour to your indoor garden to beat the winter blahs.

winter-home-prep-energy.jpg Make your home energy efficient for winter
The 15 best ways to make your home energy efficient during the winter months.

winter-home-prep-colin.jpg Colin & Justin's 5 winter makeover tips
The design duo gives their advice on getting your home winter ready.

winter-home-prep-december.jpg 10 things to do in December
To help you make the most of the last month of the year, here are 10 things to do this December.

fall-home-prep-november.jpg 10 things to do in November
Easy ways to enjoy the month and ease yourself into the holiday spirit.

winter-home-prep-january.jpg 10 things to do in January
The festivities are over -- all the family dinners, open houses, soirees...poof, done! Here are a few things to do around the house this month while you have some downtime.

winter-home-prep-feb.jpg 10 things to do in February
Simple suggestions for passing the shortest month of the year.

winter-home-prep-march.jpg 10 things to do in March
Simple ways to make the most of the month of March.



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Prepare your home for winter