Storage Solutions

10 Storage Problems And How To Fix Them

10 Storage Problems And How To Fix Them

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Storage Solutions

10 Storage Problems And How To Fix Them

How do you fix constant disorder and clutter in your house? We asked tidying professionals to share their tips for overcoming chaos.

Problem: My front entryway is a mess

Maintaining order in the hallway is difficult, especially during cooler seasons, which require coats, boots, hats and umbrellas. Equipe your entrance with a coat hook or rack, a rug and shoe trays. 

Our experts say we should go a step further and give each family member their own storage space, whether it is a basket, a bin, a drawer or a niche. That way, everyone will be responsible for putting away their belongings.


Problem: I have a few junk drawers

Do a major cleaning twice a year to eliminate the constant junk that ends up in kitchen drawers and closets. Toss the containers whose lids you've lost and the utensils you don't use. 

For Tupperware, our experts suggest limiting yourself to a single type of square-shaped container (of the same brand), which stacks well. As for kitchen utensils, organize them by material (wooden spoons, silicone accessories, etc.). Adjustable drawer dividers are a must—they make the most of all available space.





Problem: I can't find the food I want in my Pantry

Sort and throw away that is expired. Then, transfer dry products, such as rice, legumes, flour, and cereals, into transparent airtight jars that can then be better organized on the shelves. 

This may seem backward, but try reducing the quantity of food you store in the pantry—limit yourself to one or two varieties of pasta, crackers and cookies. Then, at least twice a year, make sure to consume it all before buying new ones. 


Problem: My fridge is stuffed

Group food products by category in transparent baskets (cheese, yogurt, snacks, etc.). Place Tupperware with leftovers at eye level so they're the first things you see when you open the fridge.

If you buy a lot of food in bulk (we love a Costco shop), make sure you plan out your meals. There's a risk of overstuffing the fridge, which can lead to food waste.


Problem: Don't look at the cabinet under the sink

Don't worry, you're not alone. This spot rarely comes outfitted with shelves, leaving only one surface to put household products, dish soap, sponges and brushes. Try to keep your products to a minimum.

Maximize the height by placing storage on either side of the pipes and try hanging shallow baskets or hooks on the inside of doors.

Take a look at our favourite under-the-sink organizers.





Problem: My medicine cabinet is packed

Only keep commonly used medications, first aid products and toiletries in the cabinet above your sink. You can bring any expired or unused medications to a pharmacist for safe disposal.

Once you're through with your medicine cabinet, take a look at the rest of the drawers in your bathroom.





Problem: Help! I barely have any closet space

Go through all of your clothes and sell or donate anything that no longer fits you or serves your style. You'll free up precious space right away!

Use the Marie Kondo method in your drawers: fold clothes so they stand vertically, side by side, rather than stacked. This saves space and lets you see everything you own at first glance. We also suggest grouping items of the same nature, such as t-shirts, jeans and socks, in canvas drawer baskets.


Problem: Toys are lying around everywhere

Group toys in transparent bins or organizational cubbies labelled using pictograms or keywords so little ones can easily find their things and put them away without our help (we hope!). 

Motivate children to go through and get rid of some toys once or twice a year by offering to share with friends or to donate.



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Problem: The office is overrun with papers

Use a wall file system and assign a function to each section: to do, to read, to mail, etc. As for official and important documents, it's a rule of thumb to keep them for seven years. Place them in a box that's out of sight but still easily accessible, such as in a box placed on a shelf.

Next, limit the amount of paperwork you receive in the mail. Unsubscribe to paper newsletters, flyers and bank statements in favour of digital copies.


Problem: I can't fit my car in the garage

One of the main sources of clutter in the garage? Sports equipment that we no longer use. Or the "just in case" pile. You'll first need to do a major cleaning and part with items you haven't touched in more than a year or two. Then, you can organize what's left into categories: tools, gardening, etc.

If you need room for a car, use vertical space for storage. Install hooks, perforated panels, metal wall baskets and other systems for organization. Ceiling storage is ideal for tires and seasonal items.




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Storage Solutions

10 Storage Problems And How To Fix Them