Beautiful cottage interior design

Beautiful cottage interior design

Beautiful cottage interior design Author: Style At Home


Beautiful cottage interior design

These beautiful cottage designs offer the perfect decor inspiration for your summer retreat or for adding that cottage-style to any room. 

cottage-interior-cottage-style.jpg Carefree cottage style
The cottage allows you to take a more relaxed, playful approach to decor. Here are 11 ways to help you get that carefree summer vibe.

cottage-interior-rustic-cottage.jpgRustic contemporary cottage
Style at Home editor-in-chief Erin McLaughlin talks with Toronto designer Ingrid Oomen on how she turned her family cottage into a country oasis.

cottage-interior-country-retreat.jpgCountry cottage retreat
After spending youthful summers at her family’s cottage in Peterborough, Ont., an architect builds her own country retreat across the lake along with her own family memories.

cottage-interior-family-cottage.jpgModern family cottage
Homeowner and designer Laura Fisher transforms her family cottage from bold and busy to simple and refined.

cottage-interior-colourful-cotta.jpgColourful cottage
Using a palette inspired by lake, sun and sky, a couple transforms a rundown cottage into a lively gathering place for family and friends.

cottage-interior-modern-cottage.jpgSleek modern cottage
Open to the surrounding woods, a modern cottage with a sleek, pared-back design is perfect for a family of enthusiastic campers.

cottage-interior-resort-retreat.jpgResort-style cottage retreat
This resort-style family retreat is filled with natural colours, lots of light and memories to look back on.

cottage-interior-summer-cabin.jpgCheerful summer cabin
With a little elbow grease, designer Samantha Sacks and her family turn a rundown cabin into a cheap and cheerful summer retreat.

cottage-interior-guest-cottage.jpgComfy guest cottage
We have 10 ways to create a relaxing guest space -- on a budget, too!

cottage-interior-country-charm.jpgUrban cottage country charm
A young family delivers a healthy dose of cottage country to their smart city abode.

cottage-interior-rustic.jpgRustic elegance
This cottage in Muskoka is transformed into a timeless, serene retreat that beautifully highlights natural materials mixed with large-scale items and artful pieces.

cottage-interior-retreat.jpgFrom simple cottage to luxurious retreat
A timeless lakeside setting just outside Montreal is home to a gorgeous, cottage-like house.

Find more helpful cottage design and decor tips with our list of the perfect cottage style accessories.

Lead photography by Michael Graydon.


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Beautiful cottage interior design