Bloggers' around the house resolutions for 2013

Bloggers' around the house resolutions for 2013

Bloggers' around the house resolutions for 2013 Author: Style At Home


Bloggers' around the house resolutions for 2013

Each year the Style at Home team inevitably discusses our new year's resolutions for around the house. This year, though, we checked in with some of our favourite bloggers to see what their goals are for 2013.

Rambling Renovators: Relax and enjoy
"My resolution for 2013 is to put down the power tools and really enjoy my home. We completed a major basement renovation in 2012 and this year, I look forward to nothing more than folding sheets in the new laundry room, making a mess with my daughter in our craft area and just living in these spaces. As an avid DIYer, I thoroughly enjoy the renovating, planning and decorating, but I realize that taking time to soak in all the hard work and fine details we put into our home can be just as rewarding." - Jennifer Flores, Rambling Renovators.

aDESIGNdock: A stunning studio
"This year, I'm resolving to finally pull together that home office/studio space that I've been dreaming about. Think: cozy textiles, creative vignettes and clever storage. I've been curating inspiration shots on Pinterest and my blog since last New Years, all the while working away in a makeshift corner of the apartment. I think it's time!" - Amy Walter, aDESIGNdock.

Bijou and Boheme: Tackle the to-do list
"I'm crossing fingers that 2013 is going to be the year I check many home resolutions off my never-ending, always expanding design list. To start, the biggest project that needs to get done is replacing the flooring in our basement. I'd love to do something fun and unexpected. I'm contemplating black and white geometric marmoleum or leopard low pile carpet but, then again, I'd love some pink wall-to-wall action in the guest bedroom down there so we shall see.

After the flooring is complete, a mini basement face lift is also in order. Hoping we can make a few changes that will help the lower level feel more like the rest of the house. Right now, it's sort of a playroom/dumping ground. I'd give my left arm for some built in cabinetry, wallpaper and new lighting to happen.

Following the basement renos, I have a nursery project upstairs that needs to be finished before March when our little bambino arrives - I can't wait to get started on that one! Moving right along to summer, our back deck is very much in need of a re-do, as are our windows. And since design dominos are my favourite game, I'd also love to zhush up the exterior a bit with new siding and trim.

As you can see, it's a long list so we'll have to see how the budget holds out, but in my mind 2013 is shaping up to be a real Bijou decorating/renovating soiree." - Christine Dovey, BIjou and Boheme.

Decor Happy: A beautiful bedroom
"This year, I have a few to-do's on the house list - complete room overhauls actually! My bedroom is so sad and I really don't like spending any time in it. I would like to change the carpet to hardwood and I need to purchase new items, such as a new mattress (get rid of my queen one in favour of a king), an upholstered headboard, bedding, lamps, art, and the list goes on. The other three bedrooms are decorated, yet our master bedroom is in a 1980s time warp. I recently purchased solid wood Canadian-made bedroom furniture (end tables and a dresser - not a set!) and know the direction I want to go in, I just need to save up my pennies to make it happen! Wish me luck!" - Vanessa Francis, Decor Happy.

Wicked & Weird: Do more with less
My resolution for 2013 is to do more with less. No really (I saw that eye-roll) - I mean it! I recently changed sizes and saw most of my wardrobe leave the house in garbage bags destined for Value Village. My closets were suddenly... organized! My shelves were straight out of a Gap store! It was exhilarating, and I was suddenly a woman on a mission. In every room of the house I cleared all surface areas of candles, books, vases, and tchotchkes (not to mention the piles upon piles of paper and magazines), and only brought back those that really fit with my vision for the room in carefully styled groupings. The rest I evaluated mercilessly, losing about 70 percent of it.

I now have a renewed love and appreciation for my house, cleared of the layers of stuff we have accumulated over the years and no longer noticed. I also have a mental inventory of the things left in our house. When decorating for Christmas, I was able to bring a few things out from storage, repurpose others, and create a new look for the holidays I would otherwise never have thought of. I am hoping to keep this up for 2013, which means no more mindless accumulation of junk (even if it is on super sale), trying to shop mostly second-hand, and creatively re-purposing the things I already own. It's a big ambition for a former collector/accumulator/sale-sucker... wish me luck!" - Lisa Mackay, Wicked & Weird.

Mod Pieces: An artful year
"I've been collecting original art canvases, prints and vintage posters for years. 2013 is the year that I intend to finally get them framed and hung in order to actually enjoy them!" - Lia Fagan, Mod Pieces.Design Maze: A green scheme
"Inspired by the beautifully curated spaces with organic, casual elegance sensibility, my new year resolution for 2013 is to decorate with green in mind. Re-purpose, up-cycle, re-imagine are the three key concepts behind client projects and to satisfy my urge for constant updates in my own home. I believe we can decorate responsibly and reduce items heading to landfills, while creating refreshing spaces that stimulate our senses." - Tim Lam, Design Maze.

Hodge:Podge: Creating impact with paint

"Since returning back to working full time for the first time in 18 years, I am working at finding a balance with my teaching career, family and my home. What I hope to strive for in the new year is to focus on creating impact in my home without spending gobs of time. A great way would be to simply by re-painting my walls in my hallway and family room/kitchen area, update furniture with a fresh coat of paint and to finally finish some rooms in the house (ehem, our games room I started 2 yrs ago)." - Barbara Matson, Hodge:Podge.


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Bloggers' around the house resolutions for 2013