Interior: Cheerful contemporary family home

Interior: Cheerful contemporary family home

Interior: Cheerful contemporary family home Author: Style At Home


Interior: Cheerful contemporary family home

Schvitz much during the summer? Colette Soros doesn’t. Rather than plunking herself in front of a fan, she simply slides open the accordion-style glass doors off her kitchen to let the breeze flow in from her south-facing backyard. “When the weather is beautiful in Vancouver, I truly believe it’s the best place on Earth,” she says.

Of course, it helps that her backyard is designed for the trifecta of good living: barbecues, basking and beverages. She enjoys all three on the deck – weather permitting – with her husband, Tim Barr, and their three children, Tate, 9, Jasper, 6, and Willow, 4. The four-bedroom bungalow (the kids’ rooms are in the stylish basement) is also home to a pair of furniturescaling pets: Pepe the dog and Neko the cat.
The Vancouver family

Colette, her husband, Tim Barr, and their children (from left), Tate, Willow and Jasper, are all smiles when they sit basking in the sun on their much-used deck. cheerful-contemp-kitchen-chalkbo.jpg
Kitchen chalkboard

Homeowner Colette Soros, one of the owners of Parliament in Vancouver, draws an owl on her kitchen chalkboard. “In general, I have a thing for animals and so do my clients. We can sell anything with an owl or a horse on it,” says Colette. cheerful-contemp-front-entryway.jpg
Front entryway

A large mirror behind the door bounces light around the entryway, where the tone is immediately set. The look is light – mostly white and grey – with pops of colour. cheerful-contemp-living-room.jpg
Second living room

To give the basement new life, Colette ditched dingy carpeting and a linoleum-floored kitchen to turn the space into a second living room, animated with primary colours and punchy graphic patterns. cheerful-contemp-IKEA-kitchen.jpg
IKEA kitchen

A stunning yet unassuming IKEA kitchen speaks to the home’s pale, neutral scheme. The sleek grey kitchen countertops and backsplash – both Caesarstone slabs – merge for a uniform look. “I didn’t want the busy look of tiles for the backsplash,” says Colette. cheerful-contemp-furniture.jpg
Ethereal furniture

Colette chose airy, ethereal furniture to keep the sightlines open throughout the small main floor, including this glass dining table with benches upholstered in vinyl (to make kid cleanups easy). The beautiful capiz light fixture, meanwhile, “makes a noise like chimes when the wind blows through the house,” she says. cheerful-contemp-Kid-friendly.jpg
Kid-friendly accoutrements

Doodle session starts in 15 minutes! Colette chalks up the home’s success to its playful and kid-friendly accoutrements, such as the kitchen chalkboard. cheerful-contemp-bathroom.jpg
Main-floor bathroom design

Keeping it continuous with the rest of the house, the main-floor loo is clean and simple with a modern edge. The repetition of squares – for example, in the sink and the pot – creates visual harmony. cheerful-contemp-boys-room.jpg
Boys’ room

The boys’ bedroom was personalized with Hawaiian touches (Dad, Tim, hails from there), including the friendly shark art, map of Hawaii and ukulele. Meanwhile, the bright yellow bicycle decal energizes the grey wall. cheerful-contemp-deck.jpg
The perfect deck

Who wouldn’t be enamoured with this beatific view? Composite decking in soft grey continues the flooring palette from the interior, and the glass railing has a modern edge. The space is a favourite for both family and friends. “It’s great for entertaining,” says Colette, noting that the folding doors were key to her coveted indoor/outdoor modern cottage vibe. cheerful-contemp-concrete-table.jpg
Outdoor entertaining space

Start with a neutral canvas and go from there: The minimalist concrete table can be adorned to the max or kept low-key, with a potted plant and a pretty lacquered white tray bearing refreshments. “It’s so easy to accessorize,” says Colette.


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Interior: Cheerful contemporary family home