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Interior design

interiors-meta-westcoast.jpgInterior: West coast living space

Designer Nancy Riesco helps a friend transform her home into a west coast eclectic living space.

interiors-meta-globalflair.jpgInterior: A Victorian home with global flair

The happy home of designer Samantha Sacks and her family is a blend of low and luxe with global flair and organic textures, all set against a backdrop of Victorian architecture.

interiors-meta-refinedrustic.jpgInterior: Refined rustic

Designer Kelly Deck turns to traditional architectural features and a European sensibility to create a new-build home that's slightly different than the rest.

interiors-meta-parisiantownhouse.jpgInterior: Parisian townhouse
A decade of living in France inspired the updated Parisian aesthetic to this Vancouver home.

interiors-meta-oldhollywood.jpgInterior design: Old Hollywood glamour
Dripping with Old Hollywood glamour, the owner of this Kelowna, B.C., home delivers drama in befitting black and white.

interiors-meta-girlyglampad.jpgInterior: Girly glam bachelorette pad
Marlie Waks creates a feminine space that reflects her magnetic personality with the help of her sister and Style at Home's design editor Jessica Waks.

interiors-meta-pinkmodern.jpgA modern pink home office and bedroom
Vancouver-based jewellery designer Shereen de Rousseau has taken the luxury of the home office up a level, doubling it up as a guest room too.

interiors-meta-vintagewhite.jpgInterior: Vintage white home
A pale aesthetic and a touch of nostalgia create sublime, soothing appeal in this modern-life house that's truly a home.

interiors-meta-californiachic.jpgInterior: California chic
A notable house beautifully blends original architectural details, pared-down contemporary furnishings and the homeowner's Canadian roots.

Ininteriordesign-vibrant-condo.jpgterior: Vibrant contemporary condo

Designer and blogger Tim Lam embraces a constant evolution of colour and home decor accessories in his downtown Toronto condo.

interiordesign-modernvictorian.jpg Interior: Modern Victorian rowhouse
Designer Meredith Heron's Victorian rowhouse in Toronto is a stylish study in colour, pattern and texture.

interiordesign-smallfamilyhome.jpg Interior: A small modern family home
A small home offers ample places for a new family to sit back and enjoy life’s stages.

interiordesign-modern-townhome.jpg Interior design: A modern townhome
Finding a new townhome development in downtown Toronto gave these homeowners the perfect opportunity to create a clean, modern aesthetic that's full of character.

interiordesign-contemporarycondo.jpg Interior design: Turquoise contemporary condo
Up-and-coming designer Stacey Cohen proves that when it comes to decorating a new-build condo, things aren't always black and white.

interiordesign-modernrustic.jpg Interiors: Modern rustic home
Set in the picturesque Laurentian countryside, a cedar-and-stone home stands in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.

interiordesign-all-in-the-mix.jpg Interior: All in the mix
Contributing design editor Samantha Pynn takes a model suite from a clean slate to a delicately layered space chock full of personality.

interiordesign-home-for-a-rest.jpg Interior: Home for a rest
A soothing palette and environmentally conscious materials create a peaceful retreat for a well-travelled homeowner.

interiordesign-beach-house-chic.jpg Interior: Beach house chic
This calming and beautiful second home is perfect for relaxing family time.

interiordesign-sleek-modern-cott.jpg Interior: Sleek modern cottage
Open to the surrounding woods, a modern cottage with a sleek, pared-back design is perfect for a family of enthusiastic campers.

interiordesign-industrial-French.jpg Interior: Industrial French charm
Pierre Frey reveals how he gave a modern industrial New York loft a dose of eclectic French charm.

interiordesign-soothing-guestroo.jpg Interior: Soothing guest room
Toronto stylist Lara McGraw steps out of her neutral comfort zone to create a guest room that's full of texture, pattern and colour.

interiordesign-moderncenturyclas.jpg Interior: Modern classic century home
A design-savvy couple transforms their early 1900s semi-detached home on the inside and out.

interiordesign-midcentury-modern.jpg Interior: Mid-Century modern home
The black-and-white decisions behind Sylvie Rochon's colourful Mid Century Modern home resulted in a space that's true to her style and heart.

interiordesign-modern-british-st.jpg Interior: Modern British style
A modern take on classic British style brings a Victorian row house elegantly up to date.

interiordesign-comfy-cottage.jpg Interior: Comfy guest cottage
We have 10 ways to create a relaxing guest space -- on a budget, too!

interiordesign-family-friendly-h.jpg Interior: Family friendly home
This gorgeous home is perfect for its family of five and was decorated on a budget, too!

interiordesign-english-eccentric.jpg Interior design: English eccentricity
Creating vibrant comfy rooms with personality is a passion for these homeowners.

interiordesign-industrial-condo.jpg Interior: Industrial condo space
An industrial loft located in Toronto gets a facelift and turns into a cool modern space.

interiordesign-7-interior-decor-.jpg 7 interior design books we love
Cozy up with these books about organizing smarts, drapery know-how and more.

interiors-mothers-day-lesson-MED.jpg Mother's day design secrets
Interior design insiders share what style secrets they learned from their mothers.

interiorsr-urban-reno-med.jpgInterior design: Urban renovation

Architect Alan Tregebov helps rebuild a couple's midtown Toronto home into an urban dream.

interiors-sarah-richardson-med.jpgInterior design: Sarah Richardson's lottery home makeover

A charity lottery home in B.C. designed by pro Sarah Richardson comes to life with bold patterns and bright colour.

interiors-colourful-summer-decor.jpgInterior design: A colourful summer interior
Designer Eileen Marshall gives us a sneak peek into her own home -- get some inspiration on how to include colour in your space!

interiors-uptown-country-med.jpgInterior design: Uptown country

Combining urban living with rustic antiques, a Regency-style home in Toronto's north end gets a decorative makeover while still maintaining its historical charm.

interiors-cosyfamilyhome1.jpg Interior design: A cosy family home
Two decorators indulge their love of cosy design to create a home that has style and comfort to spare.

interiors-wallpaper.jpgInterior design: Decorating with wallpaper
Looking to add a punch of personality to your walls? When bold paint colours simply aren’t enough, designers are looking to beautifully patterned wallcoverings to do the trick.

interiors-custom-design-kitchen.jpgCustom-design kitchen
Decorator Jacqueline Glass gets the custom-designed kitchen of her dreams with smart design and thoughtful details.

interiors-dining-in-style.jpg Interior design: Dining in style
A table and chairs found at a flea market go from tired to sleek.

interiors-kitchen-makeover-med.jpg Interior design: Kitchen makeover for under $1,000
Redoing a kitchen doesn't have to be a big undertaking. Follow our tips for a quick and easy update.

interiors-debbie-travis-bathroom.jpg Interior design: Debbie Travis' bathroom renovation
Check out these bathroom renovation results; a fresh and luxurious look and a space that's both relaxing and practical for her whole family.

interiors-5-blunder-medium.jpg Interior design: 5 blunders
The experts weigh in with ways to avoid common design disasters when refreshing your home decor. Here are 5 things to be on the lookout for.

interiors-books.jpg5 unique design books

Add some edge to your interior design by grabbing inspiration from these 5 unique books.


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