Mapping out your office feng shui

Mapping out your office feng shui

Mapping out your office feng shui Author: Style At Home


Mapping out your office feng shui

Desktop Map of Success
Though your desk has limited space, it is one area in the office where you can freely make feng shui enrichments.

For this book I've created a Desktop Map of Success, which is divided into five interrelated circles. The five circles are called Calm, Courage, Care, Connections, and Creativity. These are the cornerstones of a successful career.

View Zeer's Desktop Map of Success

Cricle of Calm (bottom left of desk)
When you're calm and focused, you will succeed in all your projects.

Circle of Courage (top left of desk)
It takes courage to tackle all the work challenges that you face day after day.

Circle of Care (top right of desk)
Demonstrate care and compassion for yourself and those you work with.

Circle of Connections (bottom right of desk)
When you reach out, you can make powerful contacts with clients, coworkers, and everyone else you interact with.

Circle of Creativity (center of the desk)
When all of the other desktop circles are in balance, you will have unlocked the key to unlimited creativity. Let this creative-power spot in the center of your desk be the launchpad for your success.

Office Bagua Map
One of the most important tools in feng shui philosophy is the bagua map.

For centuries, feng shui practitioners have used the bagua map to outline areas of a room that represent different aspects of your life. The map divides space into nine compartments to analyze the creative forces surrounding us. SImply look around your office space and locate the different areas on the map. To line up the Office Bagua Map correctly with your office, align your front door with one of the bottom three map areas, Wisdom, Career, or Contacts...

View Zeer's Bagua Map

  • The PROSPERITY area represents your wealth.
  • The FAME area represents your relationship with the world.
  • The LOVE area represents all of your relationships.
  • The CREATIVITY area represents your ability to express yourself.
  • The CONTACTS area represents the people who support you.
  • The CAREER area represents your life purpose.
  • The WISDOM area represents your knowledge of life.
  • The BALANCE area represents how you manage all the different aspects of your life.
  • Excerpted from Office Feng Shui by Darrin Zeer. Copyright 2004 by Raincoast Books. Excerpted, with permission by Raincoast Books. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


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    Mapping out your office feng shui