10 design solutions for your basement and attic

10 design solutions for your basement and attic

10 design solutions for your basement and attic Author: Style At Home


10 design solutions for your basement and attic

Don't let the dark depths or the sloped ceiling heights stop you from turning this precious square footage into your dream space.


Basements and attics are precious square footage that can be transformed into whatever your heart desires. Don't let the dark depths or the sloped ceiling heights stop you from designing your next family room, home office or guest room!


Photography by Ashley Capp

1 Problem: I want to finish the basement, but don’t want the rustic lounge room treatment that most basements have.
You can make your basement area just as grand as your high-style spaces above ground, high ceilings or not. Hang oversized artwork, arrange sleek modern furniture and light it up with ornate fixtures.



Photography by Ashley Capp

2 Problem: I have small windows in the basement and have no idea how to cover them.

You can still make a lounge in the basement appear spacious despite low ceilings and grade level windows. Hang full-length drapes to make it appear as though there’s a large bay window hidden behind. 



Photography by Virginia Macdonald

3 Problem: There’s no natural light in our basement and it just feels dark and dull.

The quickest and easiest fix for a dark basement is a fresh coat of paint. Whilst walls painted in a pale grey will lighten the space, a ceiling brushed in a fresh coat of vibrant coral will give it that extra boost.



Photography by Stacey Brandford

4 Problem: Our basement has 70s paneling – yuck!
Natural-hued wood paneling can look pretty dated, especially in a basement. If stripping it off is too big of a project, simply paint it white or a pale grey for that bright beach house look.



Photography by Janis Nicolay

5 Problem: Our furniture in the basement lounge creates an awkward corner.
When dealing with an awkward corner, draw the eyes away from it by reflecting the rest of the room. Place a floor mirror on an angle in the corner so it mirrors the space around it rather than draw attention to itself.



Photography by Magdalena Bjornsdotter

6 Problem: The space under our stairs isn’t being put to use.
The empty space under your basement stairs is a hidden gem rather than an awkward nook. Use this space for seasonal storage (like Christmas decorations) or convert into a wine closet. You can also use it as a functional space, creating a cool hangout for the kids or building a laptop station.



Photography by Kim Christie

7 Problem: We have a finished basement, but it’s too cold down there to enjoy in the winter.
Because they’re underground, basements have the tendency to feel chillier than the rest of your home. Turn your basement into a cozy hideaway by installing an electrical fireplace and laying down plush rugs underfoot.



Photography by Mark Burstyn

8 Problem: My basement ceilings are too low to have fun with lighting.

Not true! You can still introduce unique light fixtures in your basement even if you don’t have those grand 9-foot ceilings. Put up vintage wall sconces, and if you do want pendant lighting, hang in low traffic areas like corners or above the coffee table.



Photography by Robin Stubbert

9 Problem: Our bedroom is in the attic and gets incredibly hot in the summer, even with the air conditioning.
With the summer sun beating down on the roof all day and air conditioning working overtime to reach the top level of the house, the attic can get pretty toasty. Keep the door to the attic closed during the day to trap the cool air in and install a ceiling fan overhead to move the air around at night.



Photography by Barry Calhoun

10 Problem: We have a finished attic but the sloped ceilings make it difficult to use it for anything.
An attic is the perfect space to build a quiet getaway for the end of a long workday or a lazy Sunday. Cover the space with floor poufs and create a family movie room by projecting films onto the sloped ceilings. Or, if you’re a yogi, transform the room into a home studio for stretching and meditation.


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10 design solutions for your basement and attic