Budget-friendly home makeover ideas

Budget-friendly home makeover ideas

Budget-friendly home makeover ideas Author: Style At Home


Budget-friendly home makeover ideas

The top budget-friendly home design tips to maximize—and control—your finances for a complete home reno.

home-makeover-budget-kitchenbudg.jpg 10 budget-friendly kitchen makeover ideas
If a full-blown kitchen renovation isn’t in the budget, try these more manageable ideas to breathe new life into your kitchen.

home-makeover-budget-bathroom.jpg 9 budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas
9 ways to revamp your bathroom without undergoing a large-scale renovation.

home-makeover-budget-basement.jpg 9 budget-friendly basement makeover ideas
Don’t leave your basement neglected. A little time and effort can turn your basement into a spectacular space your family loves.

home-makeover-budget-upgrade.jpg 5 ways to update your kitchen on a budget
Giving your kitchen a new look doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Designer Lisa Canning offers her expert tips for a budget-friendly kitchen makeover.

home-makeover-budget-luxe.jpg How-to: Get luxe looks for under $100
Get a luxe look in under $100 with these beautiful decor accessories.

home-makeover-budget-dollar.jpg How to: Manage renovation costs
Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV's Income Property shows us how to manage costs when renovating.

home-makeover-budget-steven.jpg Steven & Chris: Bold living room on a budget
Steven and Chris tell you how to go bold on a budget with affordable, colourful accessories!

home-makeover-budget-25tips.jpg 25 fast, cheap and easy decorating ideas
Give your home decor a spruce up with these easy and budget-friendly decorating tips.

home-makeover-budget-blogger.jpg Bloggers' budget decorating ideas: Using fabric
Four fab bloggers share creative, budget-friendly decorating ideas using textiles.

home-makeover-budget-bloggerhome.jpg Bloggers' budget decorating ideas: Shop at home
Bloggers share how to shop your home for instant, budget-friendly decor updates.

home-makeover-budget-bloggerart.jpg Bloggers' budget decorating ideas: Artwork
Use art to give your home some personality with these 10 creative and budget-friendly decorating ideas.

home-makeover-budget-paint.jpg Bloggers' budget decorating ideas: How to use paint
Bloggers share creative ways to use paint when decorating on a budget.

home-makeover-budget-government.jpg How to: Get government rebates from eco-friendly renovations
If you're renovating anyway, know what your eco-friendly options are and how they can earn you money back. Good for you, good for the planet.

home-makeover-budget-kitchenreno.jpg Kitchen ren ovations: How to get the most bang for your buck
Spend money wisely on your next kitchen renovation to ensure your own enjoyment of the new kitchen - and a decent return on your investment.

home-makeover-budget-budgetdecor.jpg Bloggers' budget-friendly decorating ideas
Get creative and save with these budget-friendly decorating ideas.

home-makeover-budget-bedroom.jpg 10 budget bedroom decorating ideas
When splurging on new decor isn't in your savings, revamp your bedroom with these inexpensive DIY updates.

home-makeover-budget-cheerful.jpg Easy updates under $20
Boosting your home's beauty doesn't have to break the bank -- these ideas are cheap and cheerful.

home-makeover-budget-splurge.jpg Home decor: Splurge versus save
Where to spend and where to cut when it comes to home decor costs.

home-makeover-budget-25.jpg 10 home decor finds under $25
Amp up your at-home style with 10 home decor finds that won’t break the bank!

home-makeover-budget-nomoney.jpg 13 no-money makeover ideas
Make over your home with decorating tricks that don’t cost a dime!

home-makeover-budget-finance.jpg How to: Finance a renovation
Renovating your home is a smart investment but it’s not easy when cash flow is tight. Check out your options when it comes to financing your renovation.

home-makeover-budget-tax.jpg Update your home and save on your taxes
Take advantage of the tax credit before it's gone.

home-makeover-budget-couch.jpg Design Lesson: Stretching your budget
Design diva Kimberley Seldon shares seven tricks for working stylishly with limited resources.

home-makeover-budget-perks.jpg 50 cheap and chic kitchen perk-ups
Organizing, styling and mini-makeover ideas to transform the hub of your home.

home-makeover-budget-ideas.jpg 5 budget-minded design ideas
Designer tips for recession-conscious decorating that make sense for all budgets, all the time.

home-makeover-budget-hotkitchen.jpg Easy around-the-house projects on a budget
Learn how to budget for around-the-house projects that will improve your home’s look and function.

home-makeover-budget-art.jpg 10 ways to add art on a budget
Art is always in style, no matter the season. Here are 10 simple ways to add art to your home on a budget.

home-makeover-budget-hrtc.jpg Home renovation tax credit 101
Everything you need to know to understand the new Home Renovation Tax Credit.

home-makeover-budget-decorator.jpg The recessionista's guide to: Decorating
10 ways to decorate your home with style on a budget.

home-makeover-budget-house.jpg Interior: Budget-friendly decorating
A show home in South Surrey, B.C., is designed to sell with budget-friendly decorating details.

home-makeover-budget-luxury.jpg Luxury for less
Designers from across Canada share tips for getting a luxurious look at home without paying luxurious prices.

home-makeover-budget-cheery.jpg A cheap and cheery makeover
Revamping your home decor doesn't have to cost you a bundle. Inject a little colour into your design scheme with our top 10 ways for a cheap and cheery makeover that's still chic!

home-makeover-budget-buys.jpg 10 best budget buys
Add some flair to your space without breaking the bank or sacrificing style.

home-makeover-budget-yellow.jpg Cost-effective renovations
Thinking of someday selling your home? Check out these home improvements and the corresponding rate of return on the amounts invested.

home-makeover-budget-dorm.jpg Decorating a dorm room on a budget
Style at Home's style editor Karl Lohnes shows how you can create a trendy dorm-style space on a tight budget.

home-makeover-budget-junk.jpg Home makeover: Junk beautiful
A family's home gets a beautiful makeover using recycled junk.

home-makeover-budget-high.jpg High-style, low-cost
Freshen up your home. A quick makeover is simple with these budget-friendly ideas.

home-makeover-budget-return.jpg Return on renovation costs: How much will you get back?
Projects that can increase -- or decrease -- the value of your home.

home-makeover-budget-budget1.jpg Decorating on a budget
Decorating on a budget is easier than you think. You don't need to spend lots of money to update your home decor with these expert decorating on a budget tips.

home-makeover-budget-scrimp.jpg Colin & Justin: When to scrimp, when to save
Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, hosts of Colin & Justin's Home Heist on HGTV, know a thing or two about what disasters can result from cutting corners when decorating. They share their insight on the wisest ways to spend smart.

home-makeover-budget-bathroom100.jpg Update your bathroom for under $100
Bathroom renovations don't need to cost a fortune. Freshen up your bathroom with an inexpensive facelift.

home-makeover-budget-balance.jpg Design lesson: Balancing the budget
Put your reno dollars in the right place, PLUS 5 affordable kitchen cabinetry upgrades.

home-makeover-budget-cheapchic.jpg Decorating on a budget: Cheap chic
No money? No problem. Try our tips for decorating on a budget. These ideas will breathe new life into your home.

home-makeover-budget-dime.jpg Decorating on a dime
Spruce up your digs with money-saving designer tips.

home-makeover-budget-pretty.jpg Bathrooms on a budget
From low-cost to big-buck-spending, explore your options in giving your bathroom a new look and a new mood.

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Budget-friendly home makeover ideas