Bathroom decor: Glam powder room

Bathroom decor: Glam powder room

Bathroom decor: Glam powder room Author: Style At Home


Bathroom decor: Glam powder room

Photography by Donna Griffith

Why we love it

The powder room is so often neglected in the home, so we love that this glamorous design stands out. Touches of elegance in the space, from the round glass pendant lights to the sleek faucet and marble and polished chrome vanity, elevate the room from feeling like a basic bathroom to a luxurious high-style hotel retreat.

Why it works
A graphic wallpaper like this one can feel busy in a small bathroom, but the white panelled wainscotting provides balance and is further tempered by the bold print and large mirror. The royal blue of the mirror’s frame adds depth to the space, and the different metal finishes throughout the room speak to the metallic detailing in the pattern of the wallpaper. glam-powder-room-lights.jpg
1 Pendant light

For such a glam powder room you will definitely need chic lights like these! These 14 series pendant lights are so pretty that they'll have you staring at them the entire time. Bocci, $350 each.

2 Hand towel

Though these lovely towels could also make great hostess gifts, these Hammam stripe hand towels will definitely look great in your glam powder room - especially when you have guests coming over! Add some flare to your bathroom with this bold print. West Elm, $10.78.

3 Vanity

The sleek faucet, marble countertop and chrome vanity transform this bathroom from ordinary to luxurious. This vanity gives more of a hotel-style feel, as opposed to just a simple powder room. Restoration Hardware, $1,995 US. glam-powder-room-print.jpg
4 Chanel No.5 print

For the fashionista in all of us, why not hang a glamorous print, none other than one of the beloved Chanel No.5 perfume. This print showcases the classic bottle on a black background. It especially looks great hung in a gold frame. It's the cherry on top for this already stylish powder room. MadeByGirl, $40 US.

5 Wallpaper

For such a stylish powder room as this one, think outside of the box and go for something out of the ordinary for the bathroom’s walls. This design is certainly not your usual wallpaper pattern – in fact it’s more like a wall mural than wallpaper. This wallpaper pattern is a collage featuring the different cityscapes across the world created with a pattern of enlarged pixels. Since this print is such a busy design don't overdo it on the walls, but instead balance it out with a simple white wall colour. Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics, $68 per roll through designers.

6 Waste basket

Final touches to this powder room include bathroom essentials like this wastebasket. And since this is a stylish powder room, make sure to stick to the luxurious theme by having the common items that will still be charming in the space. Just like this stainless steel wastebasket, as opposed to a regular lackluster trash can. CB2, $40.


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Bathroom decor: Glam powder room