Bathroom renovation: Black on white

Bathroom renovation: Black on white

Bathroom renovation: Black on white Author: Style At Home


Bathroom renovation: Black on white

During homeowner and Style at Home design editor Jessica Waks’s renovation of her 1930s Toronto home, she sadly wasn’t able to save the original black and white porcelain tile floor due to the installation of new plumbing and central air. But she did manage to salvage the stunning art deco bathtub.


STYLE AT HOME Explain your tile choices for the bathroom walls and floor.
JESSICA WAKS I used an eye-catching white and black marble basketweave tile on the floor, and went with a more affordable white ceramic subway tile on the walls, finished off with coordinating moulding. To give the room an architectural look, I used long, narrow Carrara marble tiles for the baseboards and door frame.

SAH Is there anything special about the bathtub?
JW Since the bathtub has a unique design, I had to source an L-shaped shower curtain rod. luckily, I found one online that fits perfectly and looks like it has always been there.


SAH What was your master plan for this bathroom renovation?
JW This bath had two doors, so I decided to close one off in order to turn it into an ensuite.

SAH That explains the black and white colour scheme. What tricks did you employ to create such a pleasing balance?
JW I wanted to bring out the black in the floor tile without compromising the light, airy feel of the room, so I went with a dark vanity but kept the walls white. Black grosgrain ribbon trim on the white linen Roman shade and graphic black bands on the white shower curtain carry the hue through the rest of the space.


SAH What style were you going for?

JW I wanted to create a luxurious space with retro flair, inspired by the original 1930s features of the room.

SAH The vanity is quite striking. What made you pick it?
JW I chose this vanity because of its unusual curved shape, which mirrors the soft lines of the bathtub. the chrome knobs sparkle against the black-painted finish, and I love how it looks like a piece of furniture and not just a bathroom vanity.


SAH The bathroom has an authentic vintage aesthetic. Are any of the fixtures original?

JW I kept the cast-iron bathtub, since it was the perfect size and shape for the space, and had it reglazed. Now it looks brand new and adds a ton of charm to the room. Retro-look fixtures, lighting and accessories reinforce the vintage vibe.

SAH What is your favourite feature in the space?
JW The bathtub is my favourite because it ended up being the only piece in the whole house that I was able to salvage during the renovation. I love knowing that I gave it a new lease on life.


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Bathroom renovation: Black on white