Bathroom renovation: Trendy basement bathroom

Bathroom renovation: Trendy basement bathroom

A basement bathroom gets a bold transformation with an eye-catching wallpaper. Author: Mark Burstyn


Bathroom renovation: Trendy basement bathroom

A bold wallpaper helps transforms this basement bathroom from tired to trendy.

“As a decorator and a stylist, I’m keenly aware of the latest trends,” says Style at Home contributing design editor Christine Hanlon. “While they might seem overwhelming at first, once you’ve decided which ones to embrace, a cohesive space is easy to achieve.” And her client’s basement bathroom is a case in point.

A busy Toronto couple with two young kids, Christine’s clients wanted to revamp their existing basement bathroom into a luxurious space equally suited to getting ready in the morning and sneaking away for a quiet, relaxing bath at the end of the day. With her distinctly eclectic yet timeless design aesthetic, Christine was the right person to strike that balance.

“When I spotted this Nina Campbell designed wallpaper, with its dramatic black backdrop and of-the-moment avian-themed print, I knew it would be the perfect jumping off point for this project,” says Christine. Since she was working with such a small space and only had a few walls to cover, she wasn’t concerned that the wallpaper would overwhelm the room. The on-trend element was tempered by painting one of the walls black, incorporating a lot of white and pairing classic materials, such as Carrara marble and white subway tiles, with vintage touches.



A classic aesthetic
The ceiling is covered in embossed wallpaper that was painted high-gloss white to prevent moisture damage. The vintage French door (which has a matching counterpart on the opposite wall) brings warmth to the space with its natural finish. Marble hexagonal floor tiles channel a classic aesthetic.


Bold and trendy wallpaper
"Previously, the bathroom had dated finishes and a French-country feel with blue floor tiles and pale yellow walls,” says Christine. Now, the first impression is spectacularly multi-faceted. There’s the sheer delight of discovering the parrot-print wallpaper in a bathroom. There’s the vibrant tension between the glossy and new versus the storied and vintage.


Potted plants
There’s the soothing oasis effect of carefully considered green accents like tropical plants. “They make the space feel like a conservatory,” says Christine.


Grand wall sconces
Though they give the impression of having grand provenance, these sconces are a bargain lover’s dream at $30 a pop.


Marble-topped vanity
A Carrara marble-topped vanity looks customized when flanked with builtin storage cabinets. The cabinet doors are vintage and add a layer of curated, old-world charm to the renovated bathroom.


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Bathroom renovation: Trendy basement bathroom