Bathrooms: A mini makeover

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Bathrooms: A mini makeover

I think of myself as a highly organized individual. I subscribe to the 'a place for everything and everything in its place' philosophy. I detest clutter and loathe lazy objects that lie around your home and serve no purpose. I find peace and comfort in a clean and clutter-free environment. But bring a professional organizer into your home and, like me, you'll probably find that you have a lot to learn.

When professional organizer Estelle Gee of Orderly Lives offered to give my bathroom a mini-makeover using 3M Command organizing products, I wasn't sure how much my bathroom could benefit from this kind of overhaul. But within moments of surveying my bathroom, Estelle saw the potential for further organization. She saw plenty of opportunities to maximize the space I had and found creative ways to use the space more efficiently.

The first step was purging. We ruthlessly eliminated the excess junk that was lurking in the bathroom closet and cupboards. If it hadn't been used in the past six months, out it went. If I had duplicate products and didn't need the extra one in the foreseeable future, it was tossed in the trash. It was liberating to be forced to make decisions about things I had been needlessly hanging on to. I realized that it was OK to throw out that old tube of lipstick if I was never going to wear it again.

Armed with handy plastic baskets, Estelle went to work on organizing my bathroom closet and grouped all like objects together. The products that I use daily were given prominent positioning on my bathroom counter and everything else was relegated to its appropriate place in the cupboards. My cupboards were lined with small, plastic bins to hold hairbrushes and accessories, my blow dryer and curling iron; this freed up space on the countertop and helped make the space breathable again. A wall-mounted shower caddy with water-resistant strips provided storage for my shampoo and conditioner, as well as my soap and razor, leaving the edge of the tub free of products (and incidentally, it stays much cleaner now, too!)

The changes were small and took little time to implement but my bathroom routine has changed substantially. It takes no time to find what I'm looking for and the bathroom stays infinitely cleaner because there are fewer products lying around.

If you're looking for some quick organizational fixes in your bathroom read these tips from Estelle before you get started:

Toss out anything old or that you don't use, such as expired medicines, half-used bottles, rusty nail clippers or tweezers and old toothbrushes. Bring your outdated medicines to your pharmacist for recycling. Don't flush them down the toilet as they may add toxins to the water table.

Use drawer organizers to keep small items in order.

If you have a freestanding sink, attach a fabric skirt for added storage space. This not only adds decoration, but also helps to keep supplies you don't use everyday out of sight. Use stackable baskets to easily identify your supplies.

Place hooks with water-resistant adhesive such as the Command™ strips from 3M near the tub area for everyone's current towel and supplies. Keep fresh towels in a nearby linen closet, or even a spare dresser drawer.

Keep all related products together. For example, store your blow dryer and other hair styling accessories/products in a caddy mounted on the wall or inside a cabinet door. This gives you easy access to all your grooming supplies and helps avoid frantic, last-minute searches.

Once you've organized your bathroom you may find you have duplicates of some products. Pack those cosmetics and toiletries you just can't bring yourself to part with in a travel bag and store with your suitcases. They're ready to go when you are.

Don't store medicine in the bathroom. The heat and humidity can adversely affect the potency of some drugs.


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Bathrooms: A mini makeover