Beautiful bathroom ideas

Beautiful bathroom ideas

Beautiful bathroom ideas Author: Style At Home


Beautiful bathroom ideas

Bathroom interiors

bathroom-interiors-powder2.jpg Powder room design and decor
Whether you prefer a glam look or a more rustic feel, these powder room design and decor ideas will inspire you to take this small space to new heights.

bathroom-interiors-high.jpg Bathroom decor: All-white bathroom makeover
Style at Home contributing design editor Christine Hanlon breathes new life into her tired bathroom with a mix of inexpensive finds and investment pieces that equally deliver high impact.

bathroom-interiors-hotel.jpg Bathroom decor: Hotel-inspired ensuite
Hotel-inspired decor has long ruled the bedroom, but these days we're seeing that inspiration cross into the ensuites of the world's most presitigious hotel rooms.

bathroom-interiors-glam.jpg Bathroom decor: Glamorous feminine bathroom
Vintage touches and rich textiles gives this bathroom, designed by Montreal's Beth Gold a glamorous and feminine feel.

bathroom-interiors-euro.jpg Bathroom decor: Modern Euro
Contemporary materials fashioned in a traditional way with some well-appointed vintage pieces read sleek yet layered, calm yet romantic.

bathroom-interiors-farm.jpg Bathroom decor: Farmhouse chic
A spacious ensuite combines the best of old and new, from warm woods and tumbled textures to fine finishes and glittering glass.

bathroom-interiors-retreat.jpg Bathroom decor: Boutique hotel-inspired master bathroom
A simple palette of whites and greys, curvy shapes juxtaposed with straight lines and luxe finishing touches result in a lusciously decadent retreat.

bathroom-interiors-vintage.jpg Bathroom decor: Vintage charm
A dated bathroom is given a fresh facelift resulting in a space that's light, bright and made for long leisurely bubble baths.

bathroom-interiors-twenty.jpg 20 beautiful bathrooms
20 beautiful bathroom designs from the pages of Style at Home to inspire your own dream ensuite.

bathroom-interiors-blue.jpg Bathroom decor: Blissful blue makeover
Style at Home's managing editor, Catherine Therrien transforms her master bath with a few unique saves and some worthy splurges.

bathroom-interiors-powder3.jpg Bathroom decor: Glam powder room
Blogger and decorator Tim Lam designed this sophisticated powder room, enchanted by rich blues and glamorous metallic accents.

bathroom-interiors-luxe.jpg Bathroom decor: Luxe retreat
A soothing palette, some fine finishes and a few touches of sparkle leave guests feeling pampered in this condo bath.

bathroom-interiors-elegant.jpg Bathroom decor: Classic and feminine
Homeowner Silvia Marabeti loves ruffles and lace and crystal chandeliers, but bringing pretty into a condo’s only bathroom requires a careful balance.

bathroom-interiors-modern.jpg Bathroom decor: Modern luxe
Designers Curtis Elmy and Trevor Ciona design a contemporary luxury bathroom for a newly built home in Saskatoon.

bathroom-interiors-sleek.jpg Bathroom decor: Stylishly sleek
Decorator Alykhan Velji gave homeowners Aaron and Sarah Smith a refreshing bathroom update.

bathroom-interiors-time.jpg Bathroom decor: Timeless chic
Designer Irene Langlois gives a dated master ensuite a refreshing makeover.

bathroom-interiors-rustic.jpg Bathroom decor: European rustic
Designer Nam Dang-Mitchell designs a rustic master ensuite for a model home.

bathroom-interiors-soph.jpg Bathroom decor: Sophisticated glamour
Designer Harvey Wise creates his dream bathroom that is filled with masculinity and sophistication in his Toronto home.

bathroom-ideas-westcoast.jpg Bathroom decor: West coast luxury
When it came to designing this luxurious ensuite in White Rock, BC., designer Kelly Deck let its serene setting be the guide.

bathroom-ideas-elegance.jpg Bathroom decor: Timeless elegance
A Montreal family's traditionally detailed white bathroom is the epitome of luxury and longevity.

bathroom-ideas-modernglam.jpg Bathroom decor: Modern glamour
A dark, outdated master bathroom in Surrey, B.C., gets a light-filled facelift with a cool palette and a few sparkly touches.

bathroom-ideas-sophisticated.jpg Bathroom decor: Simple sophistication
Refined comfort and pure beauty are the watchwords of this spectacular head-to-toe bathroom makeover.

bathroom-ideas-5fab.jpg 5 fabulous bathrooms
Here are 5 fabulous bathroom looks that we can't get enough of.

Bathroom renovations

bathroom-interiors-fancy.jpg Bathroom renovation: Trendy basement bathroom
A bold wallpaper helps transforms this basement bathroom from tired to trendy.

bathroom-interiors-budget.jpg 9 budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas
9 ways to revamp your bathroom without undergoing a large-scale renovation.

bathroom-interiors-reno.jpg Bathroom renovation: Big style in a small space
How one tiny bathroom’s facelift ends on a high note.

bathroom-interiors-white.jpg Bathroom renovation: A black and white design
15 steps for creating a new black and white look in this chic bathroom renovation.

bathroom-interiors-100.jpg Update your bathroom for under $100
Bathroom renovations don't need to cost a fortune. Freshen up your bathroom with an inexpensive facelift.


bathroom-ideas-renotips.jpgKitchen and bathroom renovations: Getting it right
6 tips to reduce the stress of your next kitchen or bathroom renovations.

bathroom-ideas-refresh.jpgBathroom renovation: An inexpensive refresh

An ingenious facelift and a fresh new colour scheme transformed a small second-floor bathroom into an elegant and functional spa-like retreat.

bathroom-ideas-reno-4ways.jpg4 ways to renovate your bathroom
Check out Scott McGillivray tips to renovate your bathroom so you can recoup most of your costs on resale.

bathroom-ideas-reno-makeover.jpgSparkling bathroom makeover

What was once a blah, beige bathroom is now a sparkling, spa-like space to primp and prepare for the day ahead.

bathroom-ideas-reno-revive.jpgRevive your bathroom

Sarah Richardson shares 10 easy ways to makeover the bathroom.

bathroom-ideas-reno-top10.jpgTop 10 bathroom renovation tips
Consider some important points before updating the look of your bathroom.

bathroom-ideas-reno-under100.jpgUpdate your bathroom for under $100

Bathroom renovations don't need to cost a fortune. Freshen up your bathroom with an inexpensive facelift.

bathroom-ideas-reno-budget.jpgBathrooms on a budget

From low-cost to big-buck-spending, explore your options in giving your bathroom a new look and a new mood.

bathroom-ideas-reno-C-J.jpgColin & Justin: Avoid bathroom renovation disasters!
Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan dish about bathroom renovation mistakes!

bathroom-ideas-reno-renotrends.jpgBathroom renovation trends
Our most private space is acquiring a star power all its own. Find out what the experts say is hot this year in bathroom renovations.

bathroom-ideas-reno-debbieT.jpgDebbie Travis' bathroom renovation
Check out these bathroom renovation results; a fresh and luxurious look and a space that's both relaxing and practical for her whole family.

bathroom-ideas-reno-tilestyle.jpgBathroom renovations: Tile style
Thinking of doing some bathroom renovations? Find out what's new and hot for bathroom tiles.

Lead image courtesy of West Elm.

Tips, tricks and trends

bathroom-interiors-2014.jpg 2014 bathroom design trends
The five hottest trends to introduce into your bathroom design in 2014.

bathroom-interiors-essential.jpg 7 essential bathroom design tips
The top 7 bathroom design tips from American interior designer, author and TV star Jeffrey Alan Marks.

bathroom-interiors-tips.jpg 10 tips for the ultimate bathroom
10 simple tips to help you achieve the ultimate bathroom.

bathroom-interiors-lighting.jpg 6 romantic bathroom lighting options
Make your bathroom a truly relaxing oasis with any of these beautiful bathroom lighting options.

bathroom-ideas-tips-101.jpg Organizing 101: Bathrooms
In five easy home organizing steps, you can bring order to the bathroom, one of the most challenging rooms in your home.

bathroom-ideas-tips-10organize.jpgThe ultimate organized bathroom

10 products that will take your bathroom from a chaotic mess to an organized haven.

bathroom-ideas-tips-lighting.jpg Bathroom lighting tips
Learn how to perfectly brighten up your space with these bathroom lighting tips.

bathroom-ideas-tips-pwderRM.jpgPretty powder rooms

Design editor Christine Hanlon shares how to achieve a big impact in a small powder room.

bathroom-ideas-tips-holiday.jpgHoliday bathroom decor tips

Spruce up your bathroom with these stylish holiday decorating ideas.

bathroom-ideas-tips-update.jpg 25 ways to update the bathroom
Eco-friendly tips and inexpensive tricks to help you easily update the look of your bathroom.

bathroom-ideas-tips-cheapchic.jpg 50 cheap and chic ways to perk up your bathroom
Breathe new life into your bathroom's decor with these simple yet stylish solutions for a whole new look.

bathroom-ideas-tips-towels.jpg Decorating with towels
Liven up your bathroom with creative ways to display your towels.

bathroom-ideas-trends-splash.jpg Bathroom trends: What's making a splash?
Want to know what's hot? Industry and design experts come clean on the big trends in bathrooms.

bathroom-ideas-tips-ultimate10.jpg 10 tips for the ultimate bathroom
Plan your ultimate bathroom with these 10 essentials.

bathroom-ideas-tips-8sparkle.jpg8 ways to make your bathroom sparkle

A clean bathroom is like a breath of fresh air through your home.

bathroom-ideas-tips-minimakeover.jpg Bathrooms: A mini makeover
Simple suggestions for keeping your bathroom organized and clutter-free.

bathroom-ideas-tips-rustic.jpg Bathroom style: Rustic decor
Simple ideas for turning your bathroom into a stylish, rustic-inspired retreat.

bathroom-ideas-trends-2012.jpg2012 bathroom design trends

If updating your bathroom is on your to-do list for 2012, then read these bathroom design trends before you get started.

bathroom-ideas-trends-2011.jpgBathroom decor trends 2011
Canadian designers tell us what trends will be big in the bathroom in 2011.

bathroom-ideas-trends-2010.jpgBathroom trends 2010

Great graphics, bold gold and antibacterial tile are just some of the trends coming to a bathroom near you in 2010.

bathroom-ideas-trends-2009.jpgBathroom trends 2009
From sleek modern looks, to retro style, here’s what’s new if you want to redo your bathroom.

bathroom-ideas-trends-tiles.jpgBathroom tile trends

We've rounded up the newest and hottest trends in bathroom tiles, from unexpected shapes to daring textures to glamorous finishes.

Bathroom accessories

bathroom-interiors-glass.jpgBeautiful bathroom decor accessories
Update your bathroom with these beautiful bathroom decor accessories and must-haves.

bathroom-interiors-powder.jpgPretty powder room accessories
Give your bathroom a facelift with powder room accessories that are pretty and practical.

bathroom-interiors-trends.jpg6 must-have bathroom accessories
Style at Home design editor Jessica Waks spots the hottest (and coolest) bathroom products on the market.

bathroom-interiors-access.jpg8 must-have bathroom accessories
Refresh your bathroom decor with any of these pretty and practical bathroom accessories.

bathroom-interiors-eco.jpg10 eco-friendly finds for the bathroom
Check out some of our favourite eco-friendly finds for your bathroom.

bathroom-ideas-acces-under25.jpgBeautiful bathroom accessories under $25
Decorate your bathroom with beautiful, functional accessories - for less than $25!

bathroom-ideas-acces-8essential.jpg8 essential bathroom accessories
These 8 fresh and stylish bathroom accessories are sure to enhance any space.

bathroom-ideas-acces-8products.jpg8 new bathroom products
From sleek and shiny to warm and woodsy, check out what's new in bathroom products.

For more beautiful bathroom decorating ideas, check out our 25 ways to update your bathroom.


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Beautiful bathroom ideas