Holiday bathroom decor tips

Holiday bathroom decor tips

Holiday bathroom decor tips Author: Style At Home


Holiday bathroom decor tips

When entertaining over the holidays, it’s important to ensure that every used space in your home is looking its best. The bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to holiday decorating, but we've got 8 great ideas for turning your bathroom into a seasonally stylish space.

1 Hang a wreath on the back of the door.
Decorating a bath or powder room with a wreath is much more practical than taking up the counter space with floral arrangements. Try using a balsam or cedar wreath, which give off lovely wintery scents and remember to coordinate your wreath accents with the decor of your bathroom.

2 Trade up everyday towels with holiday ones.
Check in with stores like Pottery Barn or HomeSense who carry a wide variety of textiles. Mix up patterns and solids (think plaids with whites) and keep them stacked in open-faced shelving or the sink's countertop.

3 Keep the bathroom smelling lovely with seasonal-scented soaps.
Stock your bathroom and treat your guests with delicious holiday soaps from bath product pros like Crabtree & Evelyn or Bath and Body Works. Go with a cranberry, cinnamon or balsam fragrance and place in a festive soap dish or pump.

4 Think outside the box with mini Christmas trees.

Try a different spin on miniature decorative Christmas trees. Set small vintage-style trophies or white votive holders on the window ledge in your bathroom with large pinecones placed in them.

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

5 Adorn your mirror with a seasonal touch.
Of all the greens that are in the woods, the holly bears the crown. Use sprigs of it to trim your mirror with a decorative crown and give it a festive facelift.

6 Switch up your doorknobs for something with a little bling.
Add some festive glam by temporarily switching your bathroom door's regular hardware for a doorknob with a seasonal touch, whether it's one with a red coloured glass or a holiday shape. Hang a stylish tassel from it to give it that extra oomph.

7 Display leftover tree ornaments on the bathroom countertop.
Try filling a hurricane glass vase with leftover tree ornaments and placing it on a shelf or countertop or, if it’s small enough, a windowsill.

8 Keep holiday home fragrance products around for a quick rejuvenation.
If guests are on their way over, an easy way to get the bathroom in check with the rest of your home's seasonal feel is to burn or spray a holiday home fragrance. A cranberry fragrance in an oil burner is a warm welcome, and a quick spritz of a balsam room spray would do the trick as well.


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Holiday bathroom decor tips