Laundry lessons

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Laundry lessons

What's new in washing machines
From luxury laundry machines to several eco options, we have 8 washers that will make household chores more enjoyable.

Design lesson: 3 distinctive laundry rooms

Three laundry room designs to inspire your own functional and stylish space.

How to: Launder bath towels

Learn how to keep your towels fluffy and fresh by laundering them with care.

Video: How to fold a towel
Style at Home lets you in on a styling secret! Learn how to fold your towels so they look plump and pretty - just like in the magazines!

A world of detergents
Here are some points to keep in mind while choosing the best laundry detergent.

Buying guide: Washer/dryer pairs

Need help figuring out the best options for your laundry room? We have your solutions.

Organizing 101: Laundry rooms

Beyond an efficient washer and dryer, there's much you can do to ease the laundry-day blues with these organizing tips.

The energy-efficient laundry room

Tips to help make washing laundry more efficient and environmentally friendly.


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Laundry lessons