10 budget bedroom decorating ideas

10 budget bedroom decorating ideas

10 budget bedroom decorating ideas Author: Style At Home


10 budget bedroom decorating ideas

Sometimes it feels like the decorating process is never over. You may suddenly find inspiration or feel the urge for a change, but it may not be in the budget. Fortunately, there are incredibly inexpensive do-it-yourself updates you can make. The best part? You can use what you already have in your bedroom!

Photography by Angus Fergusson

Faux frame

Is your mirror standing naked against a stark wall? Dress it up by painting a faux frame around it. It adds an artsy, decorative element to the bedroom at a fraction of the cost of buying a frame.

Wall decals
Do you swoon when you see fabulous patterns and colours in home decor magazines, but are wary to be so bold in your own home? Decals are an inexpensive way to give your walls some personality and flair, and may even help ease you into some daring wallpaper. Available at UrbanWalls on

Photography by Robin Stubbert

Painted side table

Painting furniture helps integrate new pieces into old home decor or update old pieces with new decor. Sometimes, though, it's a shame to cover up gorgeous antique wood so try leaving the top of the piece in its natural state like this bedside table. It's a great way to preserve its original look while keeping it in line with the rest of your decor. hardware-upgrade-550.jpg
Photography by Virginia MacDonald

Hardware upgrade
Changing hardware on a drawer may seem insignificant, but can make a real difference when done. Make antique drawers fit your modern design with sleek silver pulls or soften a modern piece with vintage glass knobs. It's an easy, inexpensive way to update what you already have and make it unique to your style. painted-faux-headboard-550.jpg
Photography by Angus Fergusson

Faux headboard
Can't find just the right fabric to upholster a headboard? Don't have the funds to buy a fabulous ready-made one? Paint your own! Whether you prefer tufted or nailhead, a solid colour or a pattern won't matter because it'll all cost the same. shelf-style-overall-550.jpg
Photography by Stacey Brandford

Decorative books
Have an open shelf with books of all shapes and colours fighting against your carefully thought-out decor? Simply wrap them in paper to unify your overall room design. You can even use beautiful coloured or patterned paper to create punchy accents around the room. chalkboard-wall-550.jpg
Photography by Kim Christie

Chalkboard wall
Let your inner artiste come out with this grown-up version of drawing on the walls. This chalkboard wall is a slightly different, but fun take on the focal wall. Spray or brush an entire wall in chalkboard paint and enjoy the freedom of designing your own wall decor! Use it as an inspiration board or draw your own art. You can't go wrong because it erases in one wipe. dyed-cushions-550.jpg
Photography by Virginia MacDonald

Dyed cushions
Get funky with your decor with tie-dyed cushions. Not feeling very psychedelic? Don't worry, tie-dying doesn't have to make your bedroom resemble Woodstock, circa 1969. There are various tie-dying techniques that can create colour blocks, stripes and prints. jonathan-adler-bedroom.jpg
Photography by Jessica Antola

Re-covered lampshade
Covering your lampshade in a gorgeous fabric is a simple decorating idea that can make any old light fixture a showstopper. It's a great way to use a leftover scrap you have or to treat yourself to a fabulous fabric that you couldn't afford to drape all over your bed and walls. painted-hooks-550.jpg
Photography by Ryan Brook/Transcontinental Premedia

Painted hooks
You can find any old plastic, iron or chrome hook at any hardware, decor or antique store, but it's not as easy making it fit with your room decor. Let paint be your saving grace! Simply paint the hooks to match your bedroom palette and these practical little organizers will do double duty as wall accents.

After decorating, find out how to organize the bedroom with these expert tips.


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10 budget bedroom decorating ideas