15 beautiful bedrooms

15 beautiful bedrooms

15 beautiful bedrooms Author: Style At Home


15 beautiful bedrooms

colour-your-world-bedroom.jpg Photography by Donna Griffith

Fabulously feminine Flirty and girly, this bedroom reminds us of a fashionable French apartment in Paris. The hits of colour and abundance of texture ooze glamour.

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Photography by Virginia Macdonald

Splash of green This colourful bedroom reminds us of a luxe holiday escape in the tropics -- who wouldn't want to wake up to that every morning?


Photography by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines

Wonderful whites
This bedroom is a perfect showcase of how a room can be decorated in all white but be full of character. The tones range from cream to brilliant white, giving the room depth.

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Photography by Virginia Macdonald

English charm For the more traditional types, this bedroom would be your cup of tea. Chinoiserie on the bedding and tall window coverings give the space some colour, while the repainted chandelier acts as a strong focal point.

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Photography by Michael Graydon

Style for less Peter Fallico took this space from dumpy attic to beautful bedroom space and cut down on decorating costs along the way. He chose bedding from HomeSense and covered the bench in $40 fabric to match the pillow shams.

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Photography by Eric Piasecki

Rustic renovated barn By far one of our favourite interiors, this master bedroom is housed in a renovated barn that was moved from Canada to Connecticut. With high-beamed ceilings and a simple four-poster bed overlooking a wall of windows, this is the perfect place to snuggle on a cold winter's day.


Photography by Donna Griffith

Romantic retreat Curvy lines and antique finishes are the perfect touches for a romantic sleeping space.


Photography by Sue Stubbs

Tribal patterns A simple bedroom is brought to life with tribal-patterned bedding. Opt for classic white bedding and introduce accessories like colourful cushions and throws that can be switched up when tastes change.

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Photography by Donna Griffith

Contemporary classic A neutral palette and traditional design are what make this bedroom a cosy classic, but the addition of a sassy animal-print bench gives the room an edge.


parisian-home-bedroom.jpg Photography by Stacey Brandford

Simply cosy Sometimes it doesn't take a lot to make a bedroom beautiful. The simpicity of this sleeping space is what draws us in, from the three-colour palette to the unfinished flooring.


Photography by Michael Graydon

Gorgeous greys Shades of grey and white come together to make this a serence space. Elements like the textural bedding and patterned rug help to keep things interesting.


Photography by Edward Pond

Dreamy daybed It's not hard to see why we love this heavenly haven. A palette of pure white -- from the bedding to the art to the draperies -- makes this a perfectly pretty escape.


Photography by Virginia Macdonald

Personal touch Having a beautiful bedroom doesn't mean it needs to be void of personal items. The homeowner of this space opted for doggy photography rather than artwork or prints.


Photography by Janis Nicolay

Pretty in pink Pops of hot pink are what make this small space bedroom stand out from the rest, from the feather wreath above the headboard to the bed accessories.


Photography by Janis Nicolay

Stylish nursery This pretty baby girl's room keeps things simple and stylish enough for when she grows out of it being a nursery. The decal on the wall can be easily removed and replaced at any age.

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15 beautiful bedrooms