5 ways to romanticize your bedroom

5 ways to romanticize your bedroom

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5 ways to romanticize your bedroom

If you want to spice up your bedroom but don't know where to begin, read on. We've come up with some ideas that will set the mood and indulge all of the senses.

But first — the basics.

“Classic icons, like hearts, are musts,” stresses James Roberts, manager of communications and interior design at IKEA. “They contribute to the romance of it all.”

And the colour of choice? That should be obvious.



1. Seeing red

Make a bold colour statement. Red accents add a dramatic effect that will be sure to spark some passion.

“Red is an emotionally intense colour,” says Roberts. Think red flowers, pillows or candles. Keeping it simple? Swap the bulb in your lamp for a red one or fill some martini glasses with cinnamon hearts and place them around the room.


2. Sweet scents

Aromatherapy is another surefire way to set the mood. Linen sprays add the perfect touch -- whether flowery or musky. Scented candles or incense also suggest a romantic vibe.

Vanilla, sandalwood and cinnamon are all warm, earthy fragrances that will help create just the right ambiance. So will some new textures.


3. Soft to the touch

“Classic fabrics like satin and velvet will add to a room's atmosphere,” recommends Roberts.
Lavish fabrics will create a sensuous feel in your boudoir. So switch the bed linens or blankets you normally use with ones that have a silkier texture.

Not in your budget range? Small cushions made out of something tactile will create a sense of luxury. And if they're heart-shaped -- even better. Of course, a handful of rose petals couldn't hurt. Neither will some mood music.


4. Soothing sounds

Nothing spells romance like soft music. Listening to some laid-back tunes will facilitate some down time. So pop in a CD and relax. Try Dido, Sade or Diana Krall for that lovin' feeling.


5. Tasty treats

Rich foods are well-known mood enhancers. So what could be more romantic than dinner in bed? Create a feast for two with strawberries, chocolate fondue or oysters as the main course. And for dessert, make fortune cookies with your own personalized messages in them.


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5 ways to romanticize your bedroom