6 colours to avoid in your bedroom

6 colours to avoid in your bedroom

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6 colours to avoid in your bedroom

The bedroom should be a peaceful haven.

In order to promote serenity and relaxation, certain colours should be avoided when it comes to painting this all-important room.


Warm colours tend to have a stimulating effect on the body. So it's hardly unexpected news that they're not recommended for the bedroom. There are, however, other shades that should not have a place in the bedroom which may surprise you!

Here are the 6 colours to avoid at all costs in the bedroom:

1. Red

This primary colour is definitely not for the bedroom. While it can be motivating and lively in other rooms of the house, it's a no-go for the one where you sleep.

2. Orange

Like red, orange is particularly exciting for the eyes. It's a stimulating colour that aids creativity. Avoid it in rooms devoted to relaxation.

3. Bright green

Certain shades of green can be ideal for the bedroom, except when we're talking about a green that's too bright. Avoid greens that excite the eyes and opt for sage or forest green.

4. Bright blue

While blue is a relaxing and soothing colour, it can sometimes be too intense when it comes in very bright hues. Choose a soft, calm palette.

5. Yellow

This sunny colour won't help you get a good night's sleep. If you're set on having yellow in your bedroom, opt for mustard-coloured items or soft yellows on the walls.

6. Fluorescent colours

Unsurprisingly, fluorescent colours do nothing to help your mind calm down after a long day. To avoid!


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6 colours to avoid in your bedroom