99 easy bedroom updates

99 easy bedroom updates

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99 easy bedroom updates

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Consider investing a little bit of time and money each season  – just a little bit, we promise! – to re-feather your nest.

Here are 99 ways to update your bedroom with ease.​


1 Buy new bed linens.

2 Or as a cheat, just a new duvet cover or comforter.

3 Got a minimalist bed? Add ornamentation with an upholstered headboard.

4 Or create a faux headboard by placing a large piece of framed artwork on the wall.

5 Got a four-poster bed? Add opulent curtains for a romantic vibe.

6 Hang a mosquito-net canopy for a safari-chic or island vibe.

7 Go nuts with pillows and accent cushions for an over-the-top comfortable in-bed reading or lounging experience.

8 Repaint your bedroom. How about Radiant Orchid , a captivating fuchsia/ mauve that Pantone colour experts deem 2014’s Colour of the Year?

9 Or paint a feature wall. The wall at the head of the bed is the obvious choice.

10 Add drama by wallpapering the entire room, or, again: just a feature wall.

11 Raise the roof! Crown moulding has a room-expanding effect. It’s a one-day DIY project, or hire a big-box retailer to install it for you.

12 Texture the ceiling with anaglypta wallpaper, or, even better, coffer panels or faux-tin ceiling panels.

13 Hang inspiring artwork.

14 Declutter your bedside tables, dressers and dressing table.

15 Invest in a new set of curtain holdbacks or tiebacks.

16 Clear the air while adding life with a potted tree.

17 Or, for the ultimate luxury, invest in a beautiful vase and weekly fresh-cut bouquets.

18 Add a new throw blanket to the foot of your bed. Linen, cotton, or silk for spring/summer; faux-fur, angora or fine wool for fall/winter.

19 Hang an eye-catching statement pendant or chandelier light.

20 Invest in wall-mounted reading lights.

21 Invest in a nice set of table lamps.

22 Clean both the interior and exterior sides of your windows. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter your space becomes!

23 Update your olfactory experience. Introduce seasonal, scented candles and a fresh pillow/linen spray. Choose natural products to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home.

24 If you’re like us, you love the pop of colour provided by a peppy purse or blazer lining. Get the same pick-me-up by lining your dresser drawers in a vibrant paper. TIP: If you can’t find a suitable drawer liner, use wallpaper or a heavyweight gift-wrap.
25 Wallpaper the interior of your walk-in closet for the same reason.

26 Switch out your lampshades. Consider making your own for DIY cred.

27 Using the same clock radio since your university days? Invest in a chic, designer alarm clock instead.

28 Buy a new mirror.

29 Make over your dresser with a fresh coat of paint and new drawer pulls or knobs.

30 Upgrade your nightstands. Repaint the existing ones or replace them with small side tables for a more contemporary-eclectic look.

31 Does Kitty or Fido bunk with you? Treat them to a stylish new pet bed.

32 Add wall-to-wall broadloom.

34 …or an area rug.

35 Add a few coffee table books. They’re not just for the living room. They can enhance the look of your bedroom, while providing nighttime reading material.

36 Introduce more colour into your bedroom. From a feature wall to bed linen, window coverings, even small accessories like accent pillows and alarm clocks add some pop.

37 Reconfigure your bedroom’s layout. Angle the bed in the corner, or push it to another wall.

38 Refresh your closet doors. Upgrade sliding panel doors to sleek French doors, or update the handles on existing doors.

39 Switch out your window coverings.

40 Or reconsider their configuration entirely. What about sleek blinds, shades or no-fuss California shutters? Or, opulent drapery if minimalism is normally your thing? Change is good!

41 Add some shine. Introduce a polished metal element to the room via dresser-top accessories, picture or mirror frames, or lighting.

42 Are you guilty of using your bedroom as a home office? Hide your workspace by tucking it into a closet, or through a hideaway desk.

43 Add character to a builder’s-basic room by installing extra-high baseboards and/or wall panels.

44 Turn storage into decor by investing in a beautiful jewelry box.

45 Hide distracting packaging design. Tuck your Kleenex box under a cover.

46 Stencil a wall with an inspirational mantra.

47 Got bookcases? Use molding to give it a built-in look.

48 Reupholster that old armchair or seat.

49 Install a ceiling fan.

50 Refinish and restain your hardwood floors. Or paint them out with an opaque colour for a cottage vibe.

51 Add an on-trend Etsy vibe to your existing off-the-shelf soft furnishings and accessories. Just break out the rickrack trim or fabric ribbon, or even a rubber stamp and fabric ink, and customize your pillowcases, sheets, curtains and lampshades.

52 Introduce a bench or settee to the foot of the bed.

53 Add a fun pop of colour with easy-on/easy-off wall decals.

54 Install a wall-mount, vent-free gas fireplace. A slim, modern design requires close to zero clearance and installs in a flash. (Be sure to check local fire codes for safety.) 

55 Open up the space. If floor space or breathing room is at a premium, move non-essential furniture to another room.

56 Put your lights onto dimmer switches for mood lighting in a flash.

57 Hide electronic clutter. Use a combination storage box/tray and charger so phone cords don’t snake all over your bedside tables or dresser.

58 Create a photo gallery. Hang dozens of treasured photos or lean them on floating shelves on a feature wall. Enhance the gallery vibe by choosing a uniform frame colour and finish.

59 Enhance the room’s soundscape. Cancel out street noise with a white noise machine or play soothing nature sounds.

60 Keep the room clean with a strict ‘dishes in-dishes out’ policy. Sure, enjoy the Sunday paper in bed with coffee and toast. Just take the dishes out when you’re done so it doesn’t sit around for days at a time!

61 Build a DIY bed canopy. Check online for inspiration: you can get as fancy or as basic as you please!

62 Add pattern. Delight the eye with some graphic punch. Look for boldly patterned bed linen or accent pillows, or introduce the theme on the walls via artwork or wallpaper.

63 Mix things up with a few mod, high-gloss finishes. Dress up your dresser in a coat of vibrant, look-at-me high-gloss paint, (Buttercup yellow works for us! Especially on a more traditional piece.) Or paint the ceiling in a high-gloss hue that’s in stark contrast to semi-matte walls.

64 If you’re short on space in a teensy Victorian or condo bedroom, consider going double-duty on storage and display. A trio of old hard-body suitcases can be stacked to create a bedside table; tuck out-of-season or other less-used items within.

65 Add a throw rug by the side of your bed. A tiny shag, flokati rug, lambskin or cotton rag rug all feel great underfoot. Bonus points for colour!

66 Replace your room’s light switch plates and outlet covers to ones that complement your room decor. Wood, metal and stone are three designer options, in addition to plastic. Choose a clear one that can be customized with wallpaper, if that’s your preference.

67 Tuck away some of your tonal accessories in favour of new ones that introduce stark contrast to your room. For example, got a classic white-on-white palette? Introduce graphic black or navy via duvet cover, pillows, and a high-contrast patterned rug and lightshades.

68 Got a TV in the bedroom? Tuck it inside a cabinet for a more seamless appearance when it’s not in use.

69 ….or invest in an automated, track-mounted panel that slides vertically or horizontally over your TV. Customize the panel with easy-to-replace artwork for regular updates.

70 Add a cool coastal-cottage vibe to the bedroom with lanterns and a string of twinkly lights strung over the headboard or along a wall.

71 Get new windows installed. Framing a killer view with upgraded double-hung or casement windows is a surefire way to revitalize your bedroom.

72 Stuck in a rental unit with ugly flooring? Install a floor you can take with you when you move. Consider a floating laminate floor, or pop in carpet tiles.

73 Rehang your curtains from an eye-catching new rod.

74 Trade same-old, same-old pillow shams for quirky-eclectic finds from Etsy, or Anthropologie, or vintage pieces from the flea market.

75 Turn fashion accessories into decor accessories. Hang your favourite hats and necklaces in plain view, from hooks or off the corner of a picture or mirror.

76 Likewise, artful perfume bottles or flasks: showcase them on a dresser surface. (But limit your display to special pieces, not everything you own!)

77 Create a museum vibe by displaying vacation souvenirs in shadow boxes.

78 Bring in a living element with an easy-to-care-for succulent tray or terrarium.

79 Stay hydrated and spiff up your nightstand with a chic water carafe.

80 Decorate with books. Avoid clutter by limiting them to one floating shelf of your faves – or the best looking.

81 Give an existing chandelier a mod new look by spray-painting it a high-gloss bright. From romantic to edgy for under $10!

82 Got a window without a view? Ditch the curtains and frost the glass, or slick on a sheet of Japanese-paper-style window film.

83 Paint a canvas and hang it on your wall.

84 Or several and mount them in a group.

85 Organize essentials in drawers, baskets and boxes for a neater, fresher-looking bedroom.

86 Invest in a piece of statement furniture like an antique armoire.

87 Beat the sleep deficit by giving your bedroom a total PM blackout effect via blackout blinds and curtains. You’ll wake up so refreshed your bedroom will feel like a brand new place!

88 Charge your smart phone somewhere else. In fact, keep all your electronics out of your cocoon. There: so much more restful!

89 Add a mantel. It adds instant character to any bedroom. You can find a vintage or antique mantel at a flea market, a reproduction at a furniture shop or even a big box retailer, or create a modern-minimalist version with floating shelves, candles and a few cool tchotchkes.

90 Paint a feature wall in chalkboard paint (any colour), then draw your own bedroom tableaux as often as you wish.

91 Display your happiness icons. Frame and display that favourite wedding photo or very first Valentine’s Day card.

92 Consider a dramatic wall hanging, such as a small rug, fibre art, Bamileke feather headdress, or carved wood sculpture.

93 Add additional conversation seating like a chaise longue or cozy slipper chair.

94 Make your room feel bigger by painting it an expansive, light-bouncing white. Streamline into a white-on-white palette with occasional pops of colour for contrast.

95 Make your room feel cozier by painting and redecorating in a warm neutral palette.

96 Or energize the space with brights and eye-catching pattern.

97 Get a hammer and chisel and expose the brick behind an exterior-fronting wall.

98 Make some room by moving a freestanding closet into the spare bedroom. What you lose in in-room storage, you’ll gain in square-footage.

99 Change bedrooms. Caveat: Obviously, you won’t want to if you’ve got the master suite, but if your bedroom is the same size as other bedrooms in your apartment, condo or house, consider trading. Your existing furnishings will look different in a space with different dimensions and natural light. This in turn will inspire some creative inspiration, we’re sure!


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99 easy bedroom updates