25 holiday decorating ideas for the kitchen

25 holiday decorating ideas for the kitchen

25 holiday decorating ideas for the kitchen Author: Style At Home


25 holiday decorating ideas for the kitchen

When decorating a kitchen for the holidays the key is to keep it simple and to avoid clutter. Limit the number of festive decorations and instead incorporate one or two ideas that pack a decorative holiday punch. Try some of these tips for adding festive flair to your home’s kitchen.

Wrap a strand of simple garland around the chandelier. If desired, string sparkling lights and then nestle in a few decorations.

2 If the chandelier hangs over the center of the table, hang ribbons from the branches so they reach all the way to the table surface. It's a great alternative to a tall centerpiece.

3 Embellish shades with ribbon in holiday colours. Use double-sided tape or adhesive ribbon that can easily be removed.

Attach ribbons to the top of a window, letting them hang to the center, then tie holiday ornaments to the ends.

5 Place a pot of seasonal flowers like amaryllis or paper whites on the windowsill.

String vintage cookie cutters and hang them across the window.

7 Sit a rosemary tree on the windowsill for a great scent and to keep close at hand for holiday recipes.

8 Hang a simple boxwood or cranberry wreath in front of the window. A square shape is modern while round is more classic.

Replace seat cushions with some that match your holiday decor colours.

10 Tie a wide ribbon or piece of fabric around the backs of chairs. Add a small bouquet of evergreen and pinecones to the back for a festive detail.

11 Make nametags that can be tied to chairs and attach berries and leaves for a seasonal alternative to traditional tabletop place cards.Doors and cabinets
12 Change the cabinet knobs or pulls to something with a little sparkle for the holiday season.

13 Glass cabinet doors can be embellished with decorative ribbon. Stretch adhesive ribbon from corner to corner creating an X pattern and attach a pinecone or glittery holiday ornament in the middle.

14 Hang mistletoe in the kitchen entryway. 

Countertops and shelves
Switch out some everyday items for a few festive alternatives -- bright red cooking utensils and mixing bowls make a cheery addition to everyday kitchen decor.

16 Display Christmas cookies in clear jars and place them on the counter for easy access.

17 Pile festive baking items like nuts and cranberries in clear jars on open shelves.

18 Use decorative holiday trays to corral items such as jars and canisters. They look pretty and will help keep the countertop organized.

Create a centerpiece by filling vases with white or red roses or bunches of candy canes.

20 Place pinecones on a three-tiered cake stand and place in the middle of the table.

21 Fill a clear glass vase with cranberries about one third of the way to the top and tuck a white pillar candle inside. If space permits, display a group of two or three on the table.

22 Enjoy the scents of the season with a bowl of pinecones and oranges. Dot the oranges with full cloves for a spicy holiday fragrance.

Cover a corkboard in a fabric that matches your holiday decor. Hang in the kitchen and pin holiday cards to it.

24 Create simple holiday artwork. Paint a few small canvases in your favourite Christmas colours and glue ribbons to create pretty patterns. Hang them gallery-style on a kitchen wall.

25 Add whimsy to walls with removable stickers or decals in holiday patterns and colours.


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25 holiday decorating ideas for the kitchen